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The Impact of Physical Activity & Sport on Student Wellbeing at Bangkok Patana

Sports at Bangkok Patana

Editors Note; With thanks to Alice Curwood, Cross Campus Assistant Principal Extra-Curricular Activities and Sports, Bangkok Patana School.

‘Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence is important for promoting lifelong health and well-being. A comprehensive school physical activity programme can increase physical activity opportunities before, during and after school’ (CDC, 2022). Physical activity and well-being are strongly linked, with regular physical activity being a key component of a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. Regular exercise can positively impact a person’s physical health, mental health, energy levels, sleep, cognitive function, self-esteem, social connections, academic performance and life skills.

Bangkok Patana sports

It can also positively influence your child’s ability to build friendships through shared interests, further promoting a sense of belonging. Exercise releases endorphins which can improve mood and increase feelings of happiness, helping deal with stress and anxiety which students can often face during pressure points throughout their schooling.

I would encourage parents to promote physical activity as part of their child’s daily routine, aiming to find something that is fun and engaging so that they create a positive association with physical activity. I strongly feel the importance of all students having a balance, ensuring their academic studies are complemented with extra-curricular activities, particularly those that involve physical activity. Encouraging their involvement in these areas can help them develop healthy habits for life with benefits to their physical, mental and social health.

My top tips:

  1. Take advantage of the extensive extra-curricular/co-curricular programmes on offer at your
    child’s school. The more physical activities they try, the more likely they are to find something
    they love and enjoy as they get older and move into adult life.
  2. Get outside and explore the parks of Bangkok. Teach children to ride a bike, scooter,
    rollerblade or how to safely explore the climbing frame.
  3. Give rock climbing a go at one of Bangkok’s indoor rock climbing facilities – urban playground
    and rock domain are two superb facilities on our doorstep for the sport growing in popularity.
  4. Muay Thai classes for kids – is a great activity for kids to try and where better than in Bangkok?!
  5. Hire bikes to explore Bangkok’s Green lung. Get lost and enjoy the fun of working out the map and if you need to go left or right?

Whatever sport you decide to try, stay active – healthy body/healthy mind.

Bangkok Patana sports

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