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Nov 22
Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Anyone able to access this article will be familiar with the term ‘social media’. These two words seem to instill fear in most parents and arouse their protective instincts for […]

Nov 22
6 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media

As a millennial, technological growth increased rapidly during my childhood. I found myself actively using Facebook at 12 years old (despite the required age of 13 to join). The trick […]

Nov 22
Growing Up Online; Should We Monitor our Children’s Use of Social Media Sites?

New technology certainly has its perks, but can also bring additional worries for the modern parent. How can you protect your loved ones from cyber bullies? Should you enforce strict […]

Oct 29
Is Technology Making Homework Easier For Kids? 

Homework can be a chore for any child, but there could just be one way to entice kids to do their daily homework: technology! As noted in the Bangkok Post, data […]

Oct 03
Top 20 Cool Places in Bangkok for Tweens & Teens

Bangkok is a melting pot of things to do with kids of all ages and while we focus mainly on babies and younger kids, by popular demand we are looking […]

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Jul 21
Healthy Cooking with Priyam’s Kitchen for Kids

Priyam’s Kitchen for Kids serves as a great resource for diverse and healthy recipes geared for kids, using locally available ingredients. Khun Priyam Sachdev, the site’s owner and mother of twin […]

Jul 16
Tips on Getting Children Involved in Cooking

While it may not always be convenient for kids to help with the preparation of meals, they shouldn’t be entirely excluded from the kitchen. There are many learning (and bonding) opportunities […]

Jun 25
Day Trip: Whale Watching in Petchburi

Mention whale watching in Thailand and you may get funny looks. Not widely known, the Gulf of Thailand is indeed home to whales, specifically Bryde’s (pronounced ‘bruda’) Whales. These majestic […]

Jun 09
10 Essential Summer Camp Packing Tips

The last bell is ready to ring in summer at many international schools across Bangkok, which means it is time for summer camp! Some kids already have their camp bag […]

Jun 07
At What Age is a Child Ready for Overnight Camps?

One of the most frequent questions parents have when registering their children for any camp is what is the ideal age for kids to attend an overnight summer camp? Below are […]