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Jun 11
10 Essential Summer Camp Packing Tips

The last bell is ready to ring in summer at many international schools across Bangkok, which means it is time for summer camps! Some kids already have their camp bag […]

Jun 11
Summer Camps for Kids in Bangkok

By popular demand our full list of summer camps is back! All kids love a holiday camp, they spend most of the year going from home to school to extracurricular […]

Jun 06
Empowering the Next Generation: Able’s Vision for Blockchain, Education, and Global Regeneration

With thanka to Gui Brotto, National Geographic Educator At Able, we believe in the transformative power of combining blockchain technology, education, and global regeneration to create a brighter future for […]

May 21
Connecting Kids to Nature : Mantis Adventure Camps in Bangkrachao.

Playing freely outside, surrounded by trees and fresh air – perhaps swinging on a rope, jumping into a swimming hole, or stomping in muddy puddles after the rain… For many […]

May 01
Reconnection to Nature and Leadership for Kids at Able to Regenerate Camps! 

Making sure we have clean air to breathe freely… Cultivating a healthy soil where our food can grow… Being able to enjoy and drink clean waters… Those are common current […]

Apr 28
St Andrews Bangkok – A Full List of Summer Camps

Did you know St Andrews Bangkok hosts one of the most varied and extensive list of summer camps every year? Camps are such great fun for kids and a sport […]

Apr 17
Songkran Camps for Kids in Bangkok

With the Songkran school holidays just around the corner, and summer not far on the horizon, many parents will be keen to find fun and rewarding activities for their children […]

Mar 05
Why School Holiday Camps are Essential for Child Development

School holiday camps offer a unique and enriching experience that extends beyond the conventional setting. As educational paradigms shift towards a more holistic approach to child development, the significance of […]

Feb 28
Football Academies For Kids in Bangkok

Football is a hot topic in Bangkok and it’s one of the most searched sports areas in our website! For parents who are looking to let your kids release some […]

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Feb 26
Basketball Academies For Kids in Bangkok

Basketball programs may enroll kids from as young as 5 years old and considering that ideally kids should get at least one hour of physical activity every day, learning basketball is […]