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 the largest group of English speaking parents in Bangkok. They generally live 
in the inner city, have formidable spending power and are at key decision making moments in their children’s lives. Reach them in the best way through BKK Kids’ friendly, professional and trusted platform. Email us for more info or read more below.


Our ads are standard sizes, positioned in the right places, so that you get noticed by the right people. With mobile accounting for over 50% of our traffic, content is beautifully adjusted to fit any device.


We produce an awesome mix of parenting content specific to Bangkok. Our writers are experts on our city and offer unbiased opinions and recommendations. Sponsored content is available to you, and we know you’ll make it interesting and relevant for our readers. Articles are clearly labelled [Sponsored] for transparency.

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We have a dynamic, daily conversation with our parents. We know what they’re saying, who they are listening to, what they are buying and when.


With segmented lists and time optimised campaigns, we are able to work smarter. Advertisers can connect with parents in real-time, with personalised messages.

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We put love into everything we do at BKK Kids, and our International Schools Guide is no exception. It is the only objective, well-designed catalogue of international schools in Bangkok. Parents love it and that’s why we make sure it’s available free of charge, at all the right locations.


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