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5 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe in the Heat

With the hottest time of the year upon us, everyone in Bangkok will inevitably find themselves wilting from time to time. And it goes without saying that kids can be especially susceptible to the soaring temperatures. Here are 5 tips to help look after little ones during Bangkok’s scorching summer.

1. Seek out the coolest hours  

Minimising the amount of time spent in the sun is best, and it’s particularly important to avoid the hottest points of the day. Temperatures are a good few degrees cooler in the early morning so try and schedule activities for as early in the day as possible. If you do end up having to spend time outside during the peak times, try and find shade whenever you can.

2. Slap on the sunscreen

Sure, the skies over Bangkok might not always be the clearest blue, but even if you can’t see the sun, its ultraviolent rays still get through. So if you’re heading outdoors, make sure you’re all wearing sunscreen (the higher the factor the better) and apply 30 minutes before you go out. Also, remember to reapply regularly, especially after swimming or periods of exercise.

3. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated becomes particularly challenging at this time of year. The key is to drink regularly and avoid waiting until you’re starting to feel thirsty. Make sure you’ve always got water with you – especially if you’re travelling long distances or visiting the kind of place where ready access to shops and 7-Eleven stores isn’t guaranteed. While water is the best option to stay hydrated, fruits juices, especially watermelon slushies and coconut water, are also good alternatives.

4. Stick on a hat

Little heads are sensitive to the sun and can burn easily if not properly covered up. So when you’re out and about, make sure the kids are wearing hats. Try to aim for a breathable design that shades the entire head, face and neck. To ensure maximum protection – bucket, wide-brimmed or legionnaire hats are all great options.

5. Slow down

Given that most kids have a tendency to rush everywhere they go, it’s a pretty tall order to get them to slow down. Where possible, try finding relaxing activities to keep them occupied, and avoid having to rush them around by preparing in advance. For example, you could get lunches and school backpacks ready the night before so they’re all set to go in the morning. Also, try to schedule evening activities that don’t involve dashing out as soon as school finishes.


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