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Jul 13
The NEW Craze – Skate Parks in Bangkok

Is it just us or as soon as Bangkok started to re-open there seems to have been an…

Jun 01
Why Camps Are Such Great Fun For Kids

All kids love a holiday camp mainly because they spend most of the year going from…

Jun 01
Traidhos Kids Camps, Chiang Mai

Watching the spider spin its web, getting covered in mud on a long hike, a picnic…

May 10
How Golf Can Boost Your Child’s Brain Power 

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Apr 28
Connecting With & Supporting Your Teen

We’re well and truly in the information age, where communications and access to…

Apr 07
Songkran Camps for Kids 2022

With the Songkran school holidays just around the corner, and summer not far on the…

Mar 02
SUP Hire Thailand: Paddleboarding & Cycling

Want to try out your paddle boarding skills? Look no further than SUP Hire Thailand…

Feb 23
Sport & Physical Education (PE) at St Andrews International School Bangkok

St Andrews Bangkok give students a varied choice in Sports and PE and pride…

Feb 23
Try Something New: 5 Non-Mainstream Sports for Kids

If you’re looking for something outside of the normal sports box and a new exciting…

Feb 23
The 7 Major Benefits of Outdoor Play For Children

Children become less and less active as they grow older, they sit down more and start…