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Feb 23
Sport & Physical Education (PE) at St Andrews International School Bangkok

St Andrews Bangkok give students a varied choice in Sports and PE and pride themselves on the fact that there is an activity, exercise, team, spot, squad and place for all. […]

Feb 23
The 7 Major Benefits of Outdoor Play For Children

Children become less and less active as they grow older, they sit down more and start playing outdoors less; especially since the emergence of instant gratification technological devices (dont’ get […]

Feb 18
10 Places for Outdoor Play with Toddlers

Although Bangkok’s weather doesn’t always lend itself to outdoor play, many areas are accommodating of the heat with shade, water play, and pockets of air con for some relief. It’s worth […]

Feb 09
Benefits of Playing in 3-on-3 Basketball Leagues

Recently there has been an increased movement towards playing with 3 players on the court per team, utilizing half the court and only 1 basket (referred to as 3 on […]

Nov 27
7 Entertaining Indoor Activities To Make Sure Your Kid Doesn’t Become A Couch Potato

With technology becoming part of our daily lives so much that we barely have time for physical activities, it is a common sight to see kids become ‘couch potatoes.’ They […]

Nov 25
FitKit Asia kids Australian Swimmers & Accessories- BLACK FRIDAY SALE

Australian swimwear for kids So who are we here at Fitkit Asia? We are a team of people dedicated to continue the FitKit Asia ethos of supplying quality, funky and […]

Nov 24
JUMP! Foundation

What do these three things have in common: exploration and adventure in the outdoors, leadership skills development, and community connections? They can all be found in abundance in JUMP! Foundation’s […]

Sep 09
Family-Friendly Bike Routes and Parks in Bangkok

Bangkok isn’t a city normally thought of as being bike friendly. However, as any good Bangkok family knows, far (and not-so-far) away from the hectic urban areas you will find […]

May 19
Exploring Bang Kra Jao, Bangkok’s ‘Green Lung’

Bang Kra Jao (or Bang Kra Chao) is locally known as Bangkok’s green lung and a place where city dwellers flock to get their dose of nature and escape the […]

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Apr 06
The Benefits of Futsal on Your Child’s Development

What is Futsal? Futsal is a fast paced, small-sided football game that originated in South America in the 1930s and is officially recognised by UEFA and FIFA. The game highly […]