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7 Entertaining Indoor Activities To Make Sure Your Kid Doesn’t Become A Couch Potato

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With technology becoming part of our daily lives so much that we barely have time for physical activities, it is a common sight to see kids become ‘couch potatoes.’ They spend hours in front of screens playing games or watching videos that are highly harmful to their eyesight and their physical health. An immediate replacement for these addictive screens is the need of the hour. Physical activities paired with entertaining kids toys are the best way of ensuring that kids stay active and burn some energy. Keep scrolling to know some of these enjoyable indoor physical activities that will make young ones forget technology and be more inclusive towards them.

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Sack Races

Kids love competing with each other, and there is nothing like a classical sack race to provide them the rush of competition. Although sack race is considered an outdoor sport for family gatherings, you can conveniently turn it into an indoor sport by substituting sacks with a pillow cover. Turn your lounge into a racing track and let the kids burn energy to take the first position. It is an ideal indoor activity that your kids and their friends will love being a part of. Elevate their interest in the sport by announcing a prize for the winner.


No, you don’t have to take your kids to a bowling arena to hit the bowling pins. Turn your hallway into a bowling arena with the help of a simple doctor tape and plastic bottles. Mark the bowling lane with the tape and set up plastic bottles as your bowling pins to aim at. It is a quick and entertaining physical activity to make your kids come out of their rooms and leave their tablets and mobile phones on the beds. Be the judge of the game and keep scoring on a notepad to figure out who won the game.

Snowball Fight

Don’t worry; you don’t need to head out in winters and freeze your hands to play this fun game. Instead, you can stay indoors and have equal fun as the actual snowball fight with your kids. Gather around old papers, socks, and thread to make your paper and socks snowballs. Distribute these among the kids and witness them, turning the lounge into a battlefield in no time. This indoor snowball game

Don’t worry; you don’t need to head out in winters and freeze your hands to play this fun game. Instead, you can stay indoors and have equal fun as the actual snowball fight with your kids. 

This indoor snowball game is the best calorie burner for kids and makes them feel like they are out and enjoying. 


If you haven’t introduced your kids to charades yet, what are you waiting for?

It is the best indoor activity to play as a family and bond over. To keep the game more interesting, team up within your family, boys vs. girls or mom and son vs. dad and daughter. 

Generate random words through online charades to play a fair game. The young ones will act their heart out to make you understand the right word and jump in a frenzy on a successful guess.

Just like charades is a fun and highly interactive game, Pictionary doesn’t fall behind it in terms of sharpening the creative skills of kids. 

Chalkboard is one of the must-have items to encourage creativity in kids. So, bring a board and write words to draw on chits. Make your kids pick random chits and draw them on the board for their friends to guess them. 

It is a fun indoor activity for families to enjoy at home that enables your little ones to draw cute things and leave the comfort and laziness of the couch. 

Pillow fight often starts as an actual fight where a brother isn’t giving the TV remote to his sister, but this fight can be turned into a game. 

This energy-consuming activity is perfect for being physically active. It is harmless since the soft pillows won’t harm any of your children, no matter how hard they hit each other. 

All the boredness your kids are feeling can be vanished with a pillow fight. It is undoubtedly a perfect activity to enjoy the company of each other while staying indoors.

Your house is in itself is an excellent place to plan a scavenger hunt. Hide different things all across the house and give a list of hints for the young ones to run on their minds and find those items.

Whoever finds the most number of things will be the winner. Scavenger hunts are a fun, challenging, and perfect way of getting rid of tech screens and beds.  

Bottom Line

It is not impossible to make your kids physically active even within the walls of your house. Be creative, think of games that they would love playing. Games that have enough attraction to make them repulsive of tech gadgets that make them less energetic and inactive all the time.

Sack race, pillow fight, scavenger hunt, paper snowball fight are a few of many entertaining activities that your kids would love being a part of happily.

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