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5 Must-Have Items to Encourage Creativity in Kids

The best way for kids to learn is by expressing their own individual creativity. Whether it be as part of a group or on their own, there’s nothing more essential to childhood development than the ability to explore and play.

Do you want to encourage your child’s curiosity in the world around them? Then equip your home with the right items. While it’s never a bad idea to reiterate lessons learned in school while they’re at home, try to make your house a haven for creativity. Make sure your play room is stocked with these 4 essential items to spark new and exciting adventures in your child’s mind.


When we’re constantly surrounded by digital technology, there’s something comforting about doing something a little old school. Chalkboards are ideal for scribbling down thoughts or drawing pictures during a burst of creativity. Your kids will love drawing treasure maps, making up their own languages, and doodling during play time at home.

Set up a chalkboard in your child’s play room or bedroom so they always have a creative outlet nearby. Or, if you want creativity to be a collaborative process, set it up in the living room so every member of the family can add to the masterpiece! A chalkboard is an easy toy to clean up, and it encourages explosions of creativity (and keeps your kid from scribbling on the walls).

Sewing Machine

Sewing has become somewhat of a lost art. However, creating pillowcases, costumes, blankets, and clothes is a fantastic creative outlet for kids who prefer tactile forms of play. Obviously, it’s important to wait until your child is old enough to safely operate a sewing machine. But plenty of them are kid-friendly, like the adorable Janome Hello Kitty machine, and can easily be tucked away in the closet when the creation session is over.

Not only is sewing a fun creative outlet, but it’s also a useful life skill that your child can use later in life. Teach them about patterns, patience, and detail-work by doing sewing projects together. Not to mention, show them the beauty of making their own items, like a dress or a soft stuffed animal. Playing with a toy that they made themselves will be much more rewarding than picking one out at the mall!

Bits & Pieces

Having a cupboard full of bits and pieces is just part of being a parent! All kids love cutting and sticking, gluing and threading beads and even bits of pasta, where they can let their imaginations run wild. Having boxes full of scraps of material, coloured papers, ribbons and beads that kids can pull out to make everything from thank you cards to necklaces is always a great idea especially for rainy days. Encourage them to cut out different shapes and make collages of all their favourite things, they can practice their fine motor skills with scissors and what kids dont love getting messy with glitter, sequins and glue!


Every creative household needs a good printer. Whether your child wants to make a photo collage, or print out a poem that he or she wrote, or download fun activity pages from the Internet, an easy-to-use printer is key for any number of creative craft projects. The HP Tango printer is compact, making it perfect for any home, and can receive print jobs from any mobile-connected device. It’s likely your child is already learning a host of digital skills in school, so encourage this area of learning by using a printer to bring the online world into their creative little hands.

Another benefit of having a home printer? You can proudly display your child’s work around the house! If they develop a knack for photography, digital art, or writing, make sure to encourage their creativity by showing them that their creations are worthy of being hung up for all to see.

Video Camera

From Youtube to the movie theater, it’s highly likely that your little one is obsessed with screens. Encourage their developing minds to create stories of their own with a handheld video camera! Teach your child about the fundamentals of storytelling by creating mini movies and inspire confidence by allowing him or her to get up in front of the camera. There’s no better way to inspire creativity than with a blank slate, and a Canon video camera offers an infinite amount of possibilities for young minds!

Not only will a video camera provide endless entertainment for curious kids, but it will also help preserve memories that may not have been documented otherwise. Anything filmed during childhood is bound to be hilarious ten years later, and your kids will appreciate all the moments that were preserved with this nifty device.

As adults, it’s easy to forget how important creativity is for developing a happy, healthy brain. Work consumes so much of our time that it’s hard to remember what it’s like to be a kid. But when you equip your home with creative tools, the whole family will be able to join in on the play.

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