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Category: Pre & Post Natal Care

Mar 27
Preventing Premature Birth, Every Day Counts

About 10% of all pregnancies result in premature birth, and premature birth means…

Mar 20
What is the “Golden Hour” After Birth and Why is it So Important?

What is the “Golden Hour” after birth and why is it important?

Mar 16
The Effects of Air Pollution on Little Lungs

We all know exactly what air pollution is and the damaging effects this has on our…

Mar 15
Birthing at Home in Bangkok

Many expectant mothers arrive in Bangkok, eager to find a midwife and arrange a home…

Jul 13
Bumrungrad’s Newly Renovated Maternity Ward

Bumrungrad International Hospital is dedicated to providing not only internationally…

Mar 25
NIPT Screening: Peace of Mind for Expectant Mothers-To-Be

Monitoring the unborn baby’s development and ensuring that all of its organs are…

Feb 02
Family Planning & Hereditary Risk

Your genes can determine your traits. Carrier screening involves genetic testing to…

Aug 14
High Risk Pregnancies

High-risk pregnancies require specialized expert care: Hypertension (high blood…

May 02
Avoiding a High-Risk Pregnancy

A child is the greatest gift for parents. However, nothing is ever certain.…

Feb 25
The Benefits to Be Gained from Vaginal Delivery

Expecting mothers have two different delivery options to choose from when they are…