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Bumrungrad’s Newly Renovated Maternity Ward

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Bumrungrad International Hospital is dedicated to providing not only internationally certified excellence in healthcare, but also positive experiences for our patients. Especially for new mothers and their babies, we provide an environment that is both relaxing and maximizes operational efficiency, ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients and their families.

As part of extensive on-going work at the hospital, Bumrungrad’s sixth-floor maternity ward has been completely renovated. Design follows the guiding principles of safety, function and emotion (SFE).

Safety & Function

The layout of each patient room is ergonomic, with furnishings that are mostly built in to maximize space and allow efficient sanitization. Surfaces are non-slip, edges are curved, and handrails have been placed strategically to minimize the risk of accidents.

The lighting system has a range of pre-set modes, including brighter spotlighting for doctors’ visits, night mode for sleep, and soft lighting for nurses on their rounds during the night.

The latest hospital infection control policies extend to the new air conditioning, with German-accredited UVC screens to destroy air-transmitted germs. The new units also minimize noise pollution and energy consumption in line with our commitment to sustainability.


The new esthetic of the maternity ward is sophisticated and elegant, providing patients a level of relaxation unique for a healthcare facility, and in fact more akin to a luxury hotel. As studies have shown that natural surroundings provide comfort and can even aid the healing process, the ward features as many natural materials as possible and natural light.

All patient rooms are “en suite”, with luxurious bathroom and L’Occitane toiletries. Extending comfort to patients’ families, each room has a dining area and kitchenette, adjustable sofas for sleeping, high-speed WiFi, and a swivel TV with multiple infotainment options. VIP rooms have a separate living room in which to receive well-wishers.  

Support Facilities

The safety of our patients remains our utmost priority. Birthing rooms, operating theaters and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are interconnected and can all be quickly accessed. The level 4 NICU is especially important for babies born prematurely, underweight, as twins, or with systemic irregularities of the respiratory, cardiovascular and coronary, digestive or neurological systems. The unit is well equipped to ensure staff can easily utilize the equipment necessary to deal with emergencies, including rapid diagnostics and performing complex surgeries to internationally recognized standards.

Additional support facilities include tranquil breastfeeding and bathing rooms, where first-time parents are taught these essential skills in a secluded and relaxing environment.

The new maternity ward perfectly illustrates our commitment to ‘shifting the future of healthcare’ and responding to our patients’ ever-evolving needs. Mothers and babies enjoy the highest levels of comfort and care, with an internationally certified team of obstetricians, surgeons and pediatric specialists on standby to assist.

Editors Note: This article has been pre-printed with permission from Bumrungrad Hospital.

For more information please contact: Bumrungrad International Hospital
  • Women’s Center ​
    8.00-20.00  (BKK Time) Hot Line Tel: +66 63 189 3406
  • or Contact Center +662 066 8888 & 1378

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