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Jul 10
Unlocking your Child’s Learning Potential with BrainFit® Thailand

As parents and educators, we all want the best for our children. We envision a future filled with success in life and school, where our children develop a wide range […]

Jul 03
Music Centers in Bangkok

Good music teachers are few and far between, so when you find one, do not squander the opportunity! It is also highly advisable that you choose an instrumental teacher, who […]

Jun 11
How to Boost Literacy Skills this Summer

Summer is a time for family vacations, camps and other activities. It can also be a time for boosting your child’s literacy skills, making sure that his or her academic […]

Apr 17
Keimen Kids – Play Time Made Simpler With Keimen Toy Rental Subscription

How many times have we all stashed unused toys under the bed or given them away to charitable organisations? Kids can be fickle creatures one day their toy is their […]

Apr 16
Top 20 Cool Places in Bangkok for Tweens & Teens

Bangkok is a melting pot of things to do with kids of all ages and while we focus mainly on babies and younger kids, by popular demand we are looking […]

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Mar 04
The Value of an International School Education

The choice of an International School in Bangkok has never been as vast or varied and the number of parents selecting an international education for their children continues to grow. […]

Feb 20
Getting Beyond “The Report Card Syndrome”

End-of-term school reports are making their way to parents and carers at this moment in time and for many parents it’s their major contact with the school and look forward […]

Jan 29
Is My Child Gifted or Talented?

Gifted children often stand out from an early age and whether you are a parent, an educator, you will notice your child or a student something different about them and it’s not […]

Jan 28
Active Learning: A Foundation for Success at Shrewsbury Riverside Campus

The journey to become a strong, independent and globally-minded learner, equipped to succeed in university and in the workplace beyond, can begin at any age. For the youngest students, this […]

Jan 15
Learning in Infancy – The First Steps

During the first two to three years of life, a young child achieves greater milestones than at any other time. This is the time he’ll learn to walk, talk, form […]