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The Value of an International School Education

The choice of an International School in Bangkok has never been as vast or varied and the number of parents selecting an international education for their children continues to grow. As our global community becomes more entwined and the need for critical thinking outside of the standard educational box assumes an important focus, more families are looking towards international schools. In a world embracing diverse cultures and emerging technology, it’s important for students to have the necessary skills to collaborate and innovate.

International schools are home to children of both local and many different diverse nationalities and offer greater exposure to different cultures. They provide a classroom environment that facilitates cross cultural sharing and gives students more opportunity to develop, adapt and become more versatile learners.

For transient expatriate families, international schools offer many advantages including minimising the disruption to students education and providing similar educational environments. Classes in international schools are usually taught in English with academic results being recognised by universities worldwide. Some schools provide boarding facilities, where others operate as day schools and many have pre-school programmes attached.

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Educational Programes Available

Among Bangkok’s international schools, there are several main educational programes available, namely, the American/Advanced Placement (AP); British/A Level; and International Baccalaureate (IB). All are internationally recognised qualifications for major universities anywhere in the world. Individual national curricula, such as Singaporean, Australian, Canadian, French and German systems, are also available within the city in fewer numbers but with equal benefit and value.

The choice of schools include both non-profit and private schools run by independent organisations and global education groups. Irrespective of the individual structure, they all offer curriculums focused on the progression and development of learning, from early years to pre-university levels. In many cases across Bangkok, schools offer a combination of curricula in the secondary/high schools years. This provides favourable circumstances for different educational pathways and a wider choice for further education. 

All schools focus on local culture and values as well as authentic experiences related to the developing world. Such schools are balancing academics with performing and creative arts, music, STEM education, a wide selection of sports, and offer students a varied and comprehensive learning pathway. We explore each of the major curricula and their attributes in greater detail in the recent edition of or International schools guide.

The BKK Kids International Schools Guide, 2023 Edition

ISG 2023 cover

For a free copy of the guide featuring a diverse and huge selection of International Schools from early year playgroups to higher level education CLICK HERE. This is our 8th edition of the guide and we have strived to stay up to date with the ever expanding international school landscape in Bangkok. We create a publication that is exceedingly useful for those seeking to make educational decisions for their children, both now or in the near future.

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