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Category: Ask a Doctor

Jan 22
Recommended Vaccinations for Babies Born in Thailand

Most countries in the developed world tend to recommend the same kind of vaccines for babies and children. However, the immunization schedules may vary from country to country.  For example, […]

Aug 17
Encouraging Healthier Sleep Behaviour in Small Children

Our ‘Ask a Doctor’ section is back! Q: “What is the current thinking regarding melatonin or other natural/herbal sleep remedies for small children? My 3.5-year-old is a terror when tired […]

May 12
Understanding Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics studies how your genes affect your response to drugs. In some cases, your genes can determine whether you might have adverse effects to a drug, or could tell whether […]

Dec 17
At Your Convenience: A Health Check-up in the Afternoon

Typically a health check-up requires you to get up really early in the morning, skip breakfast, and go in on an empty stomach; in fact, you have to have fasted for 12 […]

Dec 10
How to Store Your Medication

Learn the four key elements of safe and proper medication storage with our helpful infographic … Read more

Apr 09
Rotavirus: What’s the Best Course of Action?

Q: What is the best course of action for Rotavirus? Stay home to see how you get on, or go straight to the hospital? A: Rotavirus is a viral infection […]

Mar 13
Benefits (and Caveats) of Baby Wearing

Q: From a health standpoint, do you recommend using a baby carrier? I have one where the baby faces outwards (she weighs around eight or nine kilos), but it’s killing […]

Mar 06
Dairy Intolerance in Babies

Q: How do you know if a baby has a dairy milk or product intolerance? How long does it take for dairy to work its way out of the system? A: […]

Feb 02
Risks of Lyme and Other Tick Borne Diseases in Thailand

Q: What are the risks of Lyme and other tick borne diseases in Thailand? A: Although Lyme disease is more commonly found in certain parts of North and Eastern Asia, it’s […]

Sep 19
Ask a Doctor: FAQs related to Family Health in Bangkok (Part 4)

As part of an ongoing series of articles with Bumrungrad International Hospital, we asked parents to submit family health related questions to us, to be addressed by the hospital’s Medical Coordination Office. Below […]