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Category: Shopping

Feb 08
Chinese New Year Decorations & a Guide to Sampeng Market, Chinatown

Sampeng Lane at Soi Wanit 1 is Bangkok’s famous wholesale market where you can find inexpensive clothing, costumes, textiles, sewing supplies, hair accessories, plush and plastic toys, everything you need […]

Oct 27
Where to Find Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Bangkok

Halloween is big in Bangkok! But where to find that all important spooktacular halloween costume for the trick or treating, the goodie bag for all the candies and the decorations […]

Aug 16
Food Delivery Services In Bangkok

Life in Bangkok is so much easier due to the various grocery and food delivery options that are available, Food Panda (IOS) , Grab Food (IOS , Line Man (IOS) […]

Aug 04
Where to Buy The Best Toys in Bangkok

Toys, Toys, Toys! What kids don’t have a beloved collection of toys and parents have been known to spend hours scouting the latest craze, the perfect birthday gift or the […]

Apr 18
Best Places for English Kids Books in Bangkok

My fondest memories of my kid’s early years are snuggled up in bed reading hundreds of books to them. Reading books to kids is their first introduction to the art […]

Nov 12
8 Gifts that Every NEW Parent Needs

Being a new parent is quite a ride. First, there’s the pregnancy where you are anxiously awaiting your new bundle of joy to arrive. And then, it happens – the […]

Apr 07
Siam Viking – Delivering Superior Food Direct to Your Doorstep

Siam Viking are on a mission to bring superior food to all kitchens in Thailand. They handpick their quality products from the best distributors, test the product to make sure it […]

Sep 02
New Eco-Friendly Activewear from Flexi Lexi

Flexi Lexi Fitness is a Bangkok-based yoga and activewear company that focuses on comfort, fun and colourful designs, flexibility and functionality. And they are innovative, having recently rolled out a new eco-friendly collection that […]

Jul 25
Baht by Baht, where Every Bit Counts

Baht by Baht is a new Bangkok-based company that promotes microgiving, connecting individual donors with foundations working on important social and environmental causes. Microgiving is the donation of small amounts, typically between 5 […]

May 15
Win a 1,000 Baht Code to Shop at Cotton & Friends!

Cotton & Friends is a multi-brand selected children’s clothing store, bringing together a fun and diverse collection of products for children from around the world to create a unique shopping experience for […]