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Baht by Baht, where Every Bit Counts

Baht by Baht is a new Bangkok-based company that promotes microgiving, connecting individual donors with foundations working on important social and environmental causes.

Microgiving is the donation of small amounts, typically between 5 to 100 baht, for example, by single donors to a specific cause(s). Almost everyone has the ability to participate without feeling financially burdened, reflecting a new way of “democratizing” giving and encouraging mass participation in causes that ultimately benefit society as a whole. Quite simply, every bit counts — a few baht from each individual donor adds up, growing into significant giving opportunities.


Based on this premise, Baht by Baht has partnered with different socially-minded businesses to build a seamless and transparent platform for microgiving, tapping into their customer bases. Each time a customer patronizes a business, they can elect to give a small amount to a foundation or charity that the group has vetted. Each month, funds are fully donated to the chosen foundation, to bring about positive change through ongoing programs in health, education, the environment and more.

Participating foundations are below:

  • Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) addresses food insecurity and waste, implementing systems that apply potential waste and surplus food in a meaningful way for communities in need. At the same time, SOS works to engage, educate, and encourage F&B companies and communities to make a difference.
  • Creative Migration is an international arts organization based in Los Angeles and Bangkok, working to advance cultural diplomacy through three pillars: art, public engagement, and sustainability.
  • Raks Thai Foundation (RTF) is the successor of CARE International (Thailand), with a mission to promote strong communities and support disadvantaged groups. Their work covers HIV/AIDS prevention, educational support, occupational development and promotion of community enterprises, women’s empowerment, natural resource management, and disaster relief.
  • Love Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of wildlife in the region, focusing on educating younger generations about the importance of wildlife and their connection to the world. Through various projects, Love Wildlife also optimizes the quality of life of captive wild animals while striving to keep wild born animals free in their natural habitats.
  • Operation Smile Thailand offers children suffering from cleft lips and/or cleft palates free surgeries from highly qualified Thai medical professionals. In the past few years, their team has performed more than 7,000 free surgeries for children in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Operation Smile also provides post-operative care, including speech pathology and orthodontics.
  • Sang Foundation‘s mission is to address the problem of single-use plastics pollution and promote waste-free living — through creative awareness building campaigns and community engagement. They work closely with students and young people to highlight the issues and take action. Sang also partners with the local chapters of Trash Hero, Precious Plastics, and Grin Green.

There are numerous benefits of microgiving for both donors and recipients. People feel good when they give to charities, as they experience the satisfaction of supporting a worthwhile cause. At the same time, they can enjoy feeling as if they are members of and an active participant in a certain community. This offers an important sense of purpose. Essentially, microgiving is a way for people to not only raise money for something that they care about, but also to spread awareness of and generate loyalty to a cause.

At the same time, Baht by Baht helps partner businesses leverage their CSR programs through boosting their marketing communication efforts. On the business side, microgiving strengthens the potential to increase customers’ loyalty to their favourite companies, again fueled by a sense of purpose and the ensuing personal and emotional connection.

How to Help:

Help support Baht by Baht by making a micro-donation each time you visit a family-friendly partner business such as La Monita, Enginou and Little Pea.

Also, follow Baht by Baht on facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date on new partner businesses as well as on news about how your micro-gifts are making a difference for our environment and society. Micro-gifts are small, but mighty!

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