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Category: Halloween

Oct 31
How to Recycle Halloween Pumpkins

All kids love halloween and carving their annual Jack-O-Lantern but did you know that we’ll collectively waste £26.7 million worth of uneaten pumpkins this Halloween. That’s quite a frightening figure, […]

Oct 27
Best Ways to Decorate your Halloween Pumpkin

Get ready to revamp your Halloween pumpkin game in a truly unique way! The era of “decor-eating” pumpkins has arrived. Isn’t it curious that every year, millions of pumpkins are […]

Oct 27
Where to Find Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Bangkok

Halloween is big in Bangkok! But where to find that all important spooktacular halloween costume for the trick or treating, the goodie bag for all the candies and the decorations […]

Oct 26
Kids Halloween Events in Bangkok

Halloween is all about dressing up, trick or treating games, and, of course, treats! All of these factors make Halloween in Bangkok, one of the year’s most popular celebrations and […]

Oct 25
The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Bangkok

Kids Halloween Events in Bangkok Where to Find Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Bangkok Top 10 Halloween Books for Kids Halloween Crafts For Kids Hattifant Halloween Colouring Sheets Spooktacular Halloween […]

Oct 05
Where to Find the Spookiest Snacks in Bangkok

Bangkok has started to come alive with a sea of orange and black as the spooky season is almost upon us! Pumpkins in many shapes and sizes have started to […]

Oct 04
Top 10 Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween is slowly sneaking up on us and there is no better way to get into the scary spirit than by snuggling up at night reading spooky stories, my kids […]

Oct 04
Halloween Crafts For Kids

With Halloween fast approaching now is a good time to dig out all the crafty bits and pieces from google eyes to pipe cleaners and have fun making your own […]

Oct 04
Spooktacular Halloween Snacks!

With Halloween fast approaching, now is the time to plan out all of those “spooktacular” snacks for the kids Halloween party, or to hand out to the little tricksters when […]

Oct 04
Our Top 15 Frightastic Halloween Movies for Kids

There’s no better way to finish off a busy night of trick-or-treating than with a Frightastic halloween movie, a bowl of halloween snacks or goodies, blast the air conditioning down […]