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Best Ways to Decorate your Halloween Pumpkin

Creative painted pumpkins

Get ready to revamp your Halloween pumpkin game in a truly unique way!

The era of “decor-eating” pumpkins has arrived. Isn’t it curious that every year, millions of pumpkins are purchased and carved, but seldom do they grace our tables? Our Jack-O-Lanterns are often relegated to the role of decorating our doorsteps, while their true destiny remains overlooked—dinner and dessert!

Opting to decorate your pumpkin instead of carving it not only results in less mess and waste but also ensures your entire pumpkin remains fresh until you’re ready to indulge in its edible goodness, with the exception of the stem! So, are you prepared to establish a novel Halloween tradition? Check out these mouthwatering, eco-conscious decoration ideas:

Embrace the Sweet Side

What better way to infuse some sweetness into Halloween than decorating your munchkin pumpkin with candy? Adorn your pumpkin with toothpicks adorned with jelly, chewy, or squishy treats for a simple and delightful decorative scheme. Get poking, and use these sweets to craft a spooky creature. Alternatively if you feel the need to scoop, what about just turning your pumpkin into a candy dish on the big night so that the next day it can be turned into pumpkin cakes, fritters and cookies. Just scoop out the middle, carve or paint your face and fill the space inside with all your trick or trick goodies.

Pumpkin… or Cake?

Your pumpkin might find itself baked into a cake later, but the icing can be applied now! Icing pens and sprinkles provide an effortless way to add a touch of pizzazz to your pumpkin. They come in a variety of colors, allowing you to get quite creative. You can even whip up your own icing at home (just icing sugar and a splash of water!) and pipe it using a Ziplock bag for a cost-effective alternative. Opt for a thicker consistency to prevent drips and speed up the hardening process.

Get Sticky

You might be able to find edible glue in the cake decorating section of your local stores, or you can easily create a makeshift version using icing sugar and water to affix details like googly eyes or paper features. Double-sided tape is perfect for attaching paper features such as wings, horns, ears, and more. Draw, color, and cut out your paper design, then bring it to life in three dimensions using double-sided tape.

Craft, Don’t Carve

If you have some toilet paper and two buttons for eyes, you’ve got yourself a mummy pumpkin! Wrap up your pumpkin and attach those buttons for eyes. Let your home become the source of inspiration for your pumpkin’s appearance this year (aside from its destiny as food). Reuse old craft supplies and let your imagination run wild!

Another beautiful crafting idea is to paint the pumpkins and add dried or real leaves and flowers which can make a beautiful table arrangements, Autumn decorations or gifts.

Creative ideas for pumpkins

Paint Your Pumpkin

Feeling a bit adventurous this Halloween? Paint your pumpkin or if you cant find large enough pumpkins watermelons make a great substitution! Whether you’re aiming for creepy or abstract, painting offers endless possibilities. It’s a fun and safe activity for all ages, and you can still enjoy your pumpkin afterward by using edible paints and pens.

Get Creative

Creative ideas on how to use the weird and wonderful shapes that pumpkins and squashes grow into is endless. You could even keep the kids busy with giving them an odd shaped pumpkin and ask them to draw ideas of how they could use the pumpkin to create a creepy creature. All kids love to cut and paste, stick and colour, and by adding a few googly eyes, pipe cleaners or pieces of old cloth you can allow them to let their imaginations run wild.

Creative pumpkin characters

How to Savor Your Pumpkin

Once the decorating is complete and Halloween has passed, and your cravings strike, here’s how to enjoy your pumpkin. Simply pluck, wipe or rinse off the decorations, and voilà! Like Cinderella’s carriage, it transforms back into a humble pumpkin. If you’re unsure, you can peel the whole thing, but it’s otherwise good to go! Pumpkins are a great source of vitamin C and you could get the kids involved in using their creepy creations upcylced into dinner time favourites such as pumpkins muffins, cookies, pumpkin pies and buns.

Top Tip: Buy to Eat

Size matters sometimes! Carving pumpkins are typically bred for their size, not their taste, making them often watery and fibrous. As a general rule, smaller pumpkins are sweeter, so prioritize quality over quantity when purchasing (and decorating) for consumption.

And for those looking to explore the vast world of pumpkin recipes, we’ve got a treasure trove of pumpkin delights for you, from comforting curries to scrumptious pumpkin brownies.

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