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Category: Babies

Mar 27
Preventing Premature Birth, Every Day Counts

About 10% of all pregnancies result in premature birth, and premature birth means…

Mar 23
No Nits: Tips for Handling Head Lice

Yes, head lice are gross, but don’t panic! They are a nuisance for sure,…

Mar 20
What is the “Golden Hour” After Birth and Why is it So Important?

What is the “Golden Hour” after birth and why is it important?

Mar 15
Birthing at Home in Bangkok

Many expectant mothers arrive in Bangkok, eager to find a midwife and arrange a home…

Mar 15
5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy

Healthy eating is essential for your child’s good health, growth and…

Sep 14
Crying over Spilt Milk: A Reflux Story

Newborns are just the worst communicators, wouldn’t it be nice if when we are…

Aug 18
Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children

Sleep apnea is a common breathing disorder that can happen while your child is…

Aug 04
How Much Sleep Is Enough?

Every bleary-eyed parent knows all too well the importance of a good night’s sleep, if…

Jul 13
Bumrungrad’s Newly Renovated Maternity Ward

Bumrungrad International Hospital is dedicated to providing not only internationally…

Apr 28
A New Mom’s Tears of… Sadness

The day has finally arrived and the new mom gets to see her baby for the very first…