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Jun 25
Why Camps Are Such Great Fun For Kids

All kids love a holiday camp mainly because they spend most of the year going from home to school to extracurricular activities, we also need them to break free once […]

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Jun 05
Summer Holidays -A Profile-Picture World

As parents when we take our kids on holiday, are we taking pictures for our memories or manipulating them just to look good for social media? Are we traveling to […]

Jun 03
How To Talk To Your Child About Pride Month

“Equality, Pride, Hope & Love – That’s a message we would all like our kids to embrace and understand.” Every June is Pride Month where the world celebrates the lesbian, […]

May 01
Depression as an Expat Parent

Everyone appreciates that as a parent you can have bad days. But what do you do when those days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months? Clinical depression […]

Jan 04
Thank you: The Most Powerful Thing to Teach Children After Christmas

A simple Christmas Thank you. Think back to your childhood. Did your parents insist on you writing thank you notes? If so, how did you feel about it? If my […]

Nov 22
Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Anyone able to access this article will be familiar with the term ‘social media’. These two words seem to instill fear in most parents and arouse their protective instincts for […]

Nov 22
6 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media

As a millennial, technological growth increased rapidly during my childhood. I found myself actively using Facebook at 12 years old (despite the required age of 13 to join). The trick […]

Nov 14
The Importance of STEM & STEAM In Education

First let’s start with the definitions of STEM & STEAM. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. STEM is important because our world depends on it, it pervades every […]

Oct 29
How to Get Kids Excited About Science

Every now and then a natural scientist is born, but for the rest of us we need to foster a love of science within our kids. I’ve heard many parents […]

Oct 29
3 Ways Technology Helps Strengthen Your Child’s Communication Skills

Children grow up communicating with technology alongside learning to speak, read, and write in their native languages. While it may look like your child is simply playing around with an […]