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Mar 13
Top 10 Things To Do With Kids In Bangkok

Whether you’re in Bangkok for a short period of time or living here with kids,…

Feb 08
Breastfeeding in Bangkok  

An expat mum weighs in on breastfeeding in Bangkok. I was lucky enough to have the…

Jan 30
Storytelling: The Art of Reframing & Perspectives

As the new year of 2020 is taking over us, and we all take the time to look at the…

Jan 24
Pollution Mask Giveaway from BKK Kids

The ongoing pollution issues in Bangkok are a concern for everyone – not the…

Nov 21
Denla British School (DBS) ranked as one of the Top International Schools in Bangkok

One of the leading premium international schools in Thailand, emphasising all-round…

Sep 26
Celebrating Teachers With Wai Khru

The Wai Khru ceremony is held at the beginning of each school year in Thailand.

May 02
One Year GCSEs

Teaching in international schools can be a rewarding experience for educators and…

Apr 27
Exciting Future Accessibility Technologies For Disabled Students

Out of the 44,903 primary schools in Thailand, only 18,618 are inclusive according to…

Mar 06
Tips For Teaching Kids To Take Responsibility

Thailand considers children to be their most valuable resource of the…

Jan 20
 5 Tips for Teaching Money Management to Kids

When I mentioned money to my 5 year old (in the context of how I didn’t have…