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Nov 27
7 Entertaining Indoor Activities To Make Sure Your Kid Doesn’t Become A Couch Potato

With technology becoming part of our daily lives so much that we barely have time for physical activities, it is a common sight to see kids become ‘couch potatoes.’ They […]

Oct 05
Incorporating Arts into STEM Education -STEAM

As we move further into the new advances in education STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) isn’t the new buzz word and STEAM is the word that everyone is now […]

Sep 14
Rote Learning vs. Intelligence Learning

All parents will recall the parrot fashion learning we did with our kids on their math times tables, singing the ABC or getting them to write out their spelling words […]

Aug 26
SENIA Thailand; The Benefits of Inclusion

Today there is much more discussion about the benefits of inclusion.   However, for true inclusion to be possible and successful, an authentic culture of inclusion already must be in place. […]

Aug 05
How To Survive Quarantine With Kids

Ask any parent if they would like to stay inside a hotel room 24 hours a day with their kids, with limited resources for 14 days, 1 kid is hard […]

Jul 28
COVID-19 Bangkok Brings Back The Board Games

Bangkok has several great BOARD GAME CAFES which have risen in popularity over the last few years. Although kids love tech, the trend is that more kids are moving away […]

Apr 29
10 Reasons Why Jigsaw Puzzles Are Good For Kids

What would we have done over these last few months without jigsaw puzzles! Lucky for us many of the Bangkok Toy Stores are delivering more options direct to your door […]

Apr 21
Supporting Your Kids With Home And Online Learning (July 2021 Update)

In this guide: NEW Open Educational Resources (OER) General Academic Content and Curriculum Tools Subject Specific: Arts & Crafts Science & Space Nature & Environment Math Chemistry Physics Computer Science […]

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Apr 09
2021: Bumrungrad International Hospital, The #1 hospital in all of Thailand

We are proudly to communicate that Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited was ranked to be the 1st in all 2021 Thailand hospital ranking and we are only 1 Thailand hospital in Top200 world best […]

Mar 15
The Importance of Technology During the Covid Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID‐19) pandemic closed schools across the globe and our kids had to suddenly rely on technology for their online studies and adapt to a new style of learning, […]