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Jun 11
How to Boost Literacy Skills this Summer

Summer is a time for family vacations, camps and other activities. It can also be a time for boosting your child’s literacy skills, making sure that his or her academic […]

May 19
Exploring Bang Kra Jao, Bangkok’s ‘Green Lung’

Bang Kra Jao (or Bang Kra Chao) is locally known as Bangkok’s green lung and a place where city dwellers flock to get their dose of nature and escape the […]

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May 10
The Rise in Popularity for Art Therapy

When it comes to getting kids to speak up about their emotions it’s a very difficult and challenging area and sometimes you just don’t know what to say or how […]

May 09
Introducing BASE – Your Gateway to Professional Football Excellence

We are excited to unveil BASE, a full-time professional football academy, strategically located in Bangkok. BASE is designed as a comprehensive platform for young players committed to pursuing a career […]

Apr 16
Top 20 Cool Places in Bangkok for Tweens & Teens

Bangkok is a melting pot of things to do with kids of all ages and while we focus mainly on babies and younger kids, by popular demand we are looking […]

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Apr 03
Art Classes for Kids in Bangkok

Kids are boundlessly creative — and Bangkok has a wealth of art studios to help nurture their artistic potential. Below are some of our favourite art schools and workshops for […]

Mar 27
Unlocking your Child’s Learning Potential with BrainFit® Thailand

As parents and educators, we all want the best for our children. We envision a future filled with success in life and school, where our children develop a wide range […]

Mar 21
The Many Benefits of Dance for Kids

Why Dance? If your kids are not sports orientated but are looking for a way to exercise and a creative outlet then dance good be for them. Dance offers an […]

Mar 18
Dance Schools for Kids in Bangkok

Want your inner stage mum to shine? Dance classes allow your kids to express themselves in a healthy way, they build confidence and come in many different forms from ballet to hip […]

Mar 18
Best Ballet Schools for Kids in Bangkok

Bangkok loves ballet and you would be surprised how many ballet schools there are! Learning routines and memorising moves through dance is great for allowing children to develop their mental strength […]