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Sep 29
The Importance of Unstructured Free Play

We often book activities to keep our children busy while they are out of school, but…

Sep 08
Woodnote – Natural Co-Playing Space for Kids

Just over an hour outside of central Bangkok in Nonthaburi Woodnote play space invites…

Sep 04
Dyslexia: Fact vs. Fiction

Dyslexia is a term that has been used many different ways during the past century. As…

Aug 31
Best Soft Play Centers in Bangkok

What kids don’t love a soft play center? Soft play is perfect for babies and…

Aug 19
Checklist for Language-based Learning Issues

No parent likes to see their child struggle in school, whether their difficulties…

Jul 19
Little Pea Kids Commons – Learn, Grow, Play & Create.

Little Pea Kids Commons is a place where families can connect through enriching…

Jul 19
Ballet Schools for Kids in Bangkok

Bangkok loves ballet and you would be surprised how many ballet schools there are!…

Jul 13
The NEW Craze – Skate Parks in Bangkok

Is it just us or as soon as Bangkok started to re-open there seems to have been an…

Jul 01
Muay Thai Classes for Kids in Bangkok

In Thailand you will find kids as young as 4 starting to learn Muay Thai and in…

Jun 28
Learn Thai Language With Thai Reading Tree Books

All kids love reading and it’s and easy and fun way to spark their imaginations…