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How to Boost Literacy Skills this Summer

Young girl reading a book in a library

Summer is a time for family vacations, camps and other activities. It can also be a time for boosting your child’s literacy skills, making sure that his or her academic skills are kept sharp.

How? Check out these 5 top tips below.

1. Engage in Literacy-related Activities for 30 Minutes Each Day.  

This could be as simple as finding books and magazines that you both enjoy and reading together. For younger children, talk about the pictures and ask “what if…” and “do you think…” type questions. Showing your child how you think when you read will encourage your child to do the same. For older kids, let them choose chapter books. Alternating who reads each page can keep both of you engaged.

2. Keep Interest in Reading High.  

Children learn best if they are interested in the material at hand. Slower or more reluctant learners are no exception. Try going to the library to find something that is a good fit. Some great titles with wide appeal include the Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, or Magic Treehouse series. Alternately, you may also enjoy re-living your childhood with your past favourites. From Enid Blyton to Roald Dahl, chances are that such authors continue to be a hit with kids today!

Two small boys reading books in a park

3. Explore other Book Genres.

Check out other genres such as non-fiction, science fiction or fantasy. A sports-loving reader may enjoy sounding out new words and learning new vocabulary from a book about his or her favourite athlete.  Similarly, a Stars Wars fan or a kid who would rather be playing computer games might enjoy reading a sci-fi or Minecraft book series.

3. Make Reading a Game.

Reading time does not always have to be structured. Literacy-related activities are all around us. For example, you can make a game by reading food labels in the supermarket, identify words in signs and billboards when stuck in traffic, play rhyming games and have kids read the menu in restaurants so they can order their own food.

Mr Books e learning platform

5. Play and imagine together.

Go beyond reading. There are other ways to improve literacy and build language and creativity. Talk, ask questions, build scenarios for storytelling… the list is endless. Have fun with it!

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