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Music Centers in Bangkok

kids play guitar

Good music teachers are few and far between, so when you find one, do not squander the opportunity!

It is also highly advisable that you choose an instrumental teacher, who has several years of teaching experience under their belt – not one who is “learning on the job!” Make sure the teacher you choose has an open mind and are not stuck in their ways and married to one particular methodology. Ask if they are willing to incorporate their students areas of interest by customising materials to include their preferences as all kids learn at different paces and in their own unique ways. A good music teacher knows that every student is an individual and will recognise this and adjust their teaching style to a students particular needs and skills. Above all, the music teacher or center you choose for your child should have an understanding and appreciation that music should be fun!

The Right Qualifications

Choose a suitably qualified teacher, who has been professionally trained to a high level of competency at an internationally recognized music college or conservatoire with a proven track record. This will ensure that the selected teacher possesses the necessary technical and musical skills, a student emulate the skills of their mentor. If you wish your child to take professional exams, remember to ensure the teacher is accredited by external assessments providers – e.g., ABRSM National High Scorer awardees, scholarship winners, etc.

Above all, look for a teacher who loves their art, for whom nothing is too much trouble, who is always approachable, and one who puts students at ease. Ensuring your child develops a love for music with a teacher who inspires them is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Hopefully you can find the perfect fit for your child amongst the many highly recommended music centers below.

Amstutz Music School

ladies play guitar

Website: www.facebook.com/AmstutzMusicSchool
Contact: 089 133 6211 or Line ID: @amstutzmusicschool
E-mail: [email protected]

Amstutz Music School conducts music classes and unique piano lessons designed specially for young beginners. Children as young as six months (for music classes) and three years old (for piano lessons) are welcome. Teachers at Amstutz are all trained and licensed pianists who have earned their degrees in piano performance. Teachers are trained by Dr.Kune who has a Doctoral degree (DMA) in piano performance from the US, as well as several certificates on teaching music in early childhood. Amstutz is definitely a great place for children to learn how to play piano! All classes and lessons can be conducted in English or Thai.

Bangkok Music and Dance Academy – Sukhumvit 26


Website: www.robinsonschools.org
Contact: 02 259 9900
E-mail: [email protected]

Bangkok Music & Dance Academy (BMDA) was founded in 1982 and provides a well-rounded musical education both in Practical and Theory of Music to international level. BMDA offers lessons tainted towards the level of the student, whether beginner, intermediate or even advanced, different teachers are equipped with each level. At BMDA students are taught to understand musical theory and musicianship in order to excel the chances of becoming a well rounded musician. “The School has been remarkably successful in producing musicians and music teachers in the country.” – BMDA.

Creative Ukuleles

Girl DIY ukuleeles

Website : http://www.innovativeecasolutions.com/
Contact : 088 886 3673
E-mail : [email protected]
Come join us at Creative Ukuleles where we have a workshop where you can create your one of a kind ukulele. You can paint it, engrave it or even put LEDs on it, Anything is possible!! No background nor any equipment needed. We will provide you with everything at the workshop.

Franke Violin Bangkok Thailand

Website: www.frankeviolin.com
Contact: 02 718 4577
E-mail: [email protected]

Franke Violin offers a high quality rental program which is recommended for beginners to soloist level. They hold their pristine craftsmanship to heart, Franke Violin Bangkok Thailand is the place to go to rent a violin if your child is unsure on whether this is the right instrument for them. They stock and maintain a wide range of instruments, bows, and accessories for all levels.

They also repair and restore violins, violas cello and bows ensuring exceptionally high standards. His aim has been to maintain a workshop of the highest European standards, and he has since become recognised by musicians and music lovers all over Asia as providing the highest standards for repair, restoration, sound adjustments and trading of fine instruments and bows.

Grammy Vocal Studio – Sukhumvit 21

Kids vocal with paino

Website: http://www.grammyvocalstudio.com/
Contact: 02 669 9988
E-mail: [email protected]

Grammy Vocal Studio is the place to go if your dreams and aspirations are to become more involved with music entertainment, music business and media empire. Multiple alumni students from Grammy have found success in music, from top selling recording artists to internet phenomenon, Grammy Vocal Studio is a great pathway to increase your chance of success and potential fame! For parents with teens interested in music, Grammy Studio students have accomplished scholarships to prestigious music colleges.

Kawai Music School

Website : https://musicschool.kawai-global.com/
Contact: 064 226 5945
E-mail: [email protected]

Established in Japan in 1956, with more than 60 years of music development Kawai music school ensures a high level of musical teaching. At Kawai Music School, toddlers are able to join from as early as 1 years old! If parents are also looking to participate with your children Kawai Music School offer lessons to adults as well. It is worth taking that Kawai school stands by the principle that “anyone can study music no matter what age you are”.

Piano Center


Website: http://www.pianocenter.co.th/
Contact: 02 892 5434
E-mail: [email protected]

The Piano Center offers piano lessons for children and adults and provides high quality lessons for those who are eager to master the piano. Piano Center specialises in tuning and repairing and has lessons dedicated to tuning pianos for anyone eager to learn. Once your child or even potentially you as parents have become confident with the instrument, Piano Center has the capabilities to further your piano knowledge.

The Music Lab

Website: https://www.facebook.com/themusiclab.th
Contact: 098 994 5777
E-mail: [email protected]

Discover your inner musician through music lessons you and your kids will love! Come join the beat and move your feet with Music Together®, the early years music program for little ones ages 0-4! (*FREE for infants 0-6months!*) Rock out in our Kidzrock® program where we use modified instruments to teach kids 4-7 how to play in a REAL rock band! Or come in to learn how to write that song you’ve always wanted to write. No matter how young or how old, there’s a program for you here at The Music Lab!

PBW Clubhouse – Chaengwattana

PBW Clubhouse – Chaengwattana

Website: https://www.facebook.com/PBWCLUBHOUSE
Contact: 089 443 6595
E-mail: [email protected]

PBW Clubhouse introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of music through their Little Mozarts and Alfred Piano courses. The carefully designed programmes Specifically for children age 3 and upwards lay the foundations for young learners to master the piano. They offer engaging activities and creative teaching methods to make the learning process both fun and rewarding.

PlaySound Sukhumvit 49

Website: http://www.playsoundbkk.com/
Contact: 062 372 2929
E-mail: [email protected]

Founded in 2007, Play Sound Music Academy aims to create a musical institute for wannabe young musicians. At Play Sound, students from as early as 3 years old can learn to become musical experts. Although they place an emphasis on piano lessons, the academy also offers lessons in guitar, violin, vocals and musical theory and ear-training. Play Sound Academy is a friendly environment especially built for young kids to pursue their love for music. So for parents with any music hungry little ones, this is a great place for to start.
Although Play Sound’s website is in Thai, music lessons can be taught in English or Thai by certified teachers.


Rockademy Thailand

Website: www.rockademythailand.com
Contact: 02 261 3833 and 087 512 4614
E-mail: [email protected]

ROCKADEMY is a performance based music school, for students aged 7 and up and their principal belief is that “the best way to learn to do almost anything is by doing it.” They encourage students to try many different instruments to help them become more varied and skilled musicians. ROCKADEMY teaches students to become self-confident and positive kids through music itself. A selection of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals are available and musicians also have the opportunity to play together in bands at ROCKADEMY concerts! “An innovative curriculum and our unique teaching method set us apart from other music schools.”



Website: http://www.saxsocietyth.com/ https://www.facebook.com/saxsociety/
Contact : 094 664 6146
E-mail : [email protected]

Possibly the most unique music school on this list; SaxSociety. Self-explanatory in its name, SaxSociety is Bangkok’s safe haven for Saxophone artists. The music centre teaches young Sax players to become bright students who just love this funky instrument. Concerts are performed frequently to showcase a student’s hard work throughout their course. Not only do students perform, occasionally they are paired with more skilled Sax players – teachers or even professionals. If your child wants to take up a different instrument like the saxophone, SaxSociety is definitely worth looking at.
Lessons are from Monday – Sunday (09.00 AM – 12.00 AM)

Yamaha Music School Thailand

Yamaha Music School Thailand

Website: https://th.yamaha.com/en/index.html
Contact: 02 215 2626
E-mail: [email protected]

Yamaha Music School is one of the more famous Bangkok branches for music and can be found in multiple locations across Bangkok. Yamaha holds a high standard for musical excellence and offers lessons in a wide variety of instruments from drums, flute and electric guitar. Yamaha’s success derives from multiple reasons, their professional teaching, educational development for children and the encouragement of musical creativity which is why kids just keep coming back to Yamaha Music Academy!

Yutthasak’s Guitar Studio

boy please guitar

Website: www.facebook.com/yaiguitar
Contact: 094 569 8793
E-mail: [email protected]

Since we’ve already had one feature on a specialised piano school on this list, its only appropriate that we mention the other world famous instrument; the guitar. Yutthasak’s Guitar Studio is for young kids who are determined to master the guitar in a fun and more relaxed learning environment. Classes are taught by Yutthasak himself who has taught in America and Europe and who has extensive knowledge on the practical and theoretical world of the guitar.

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