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Where to Find the Spookiest Snacks in Bangkok

Cafe de Tu Halloween

Bangkok has started to come alive with a sea of orange and black as the spooky season is almost upon us! Pumpkins in many shapes and sizes have started to find their way into the Bangkok stores, from the annual Halloween pumpkin mugs in Starbucks, to cookies and cup cakes in various shapes and sizes, and of course every kid is waiting to see what Krispy Screams will look like for this year, definitely one of our favourites.

So where can you find all the spooky snacks you need for a trick or treat fest or some frightastic fun at home? We’ve rounded up the best and are happy to be sample tasters for any of these, its definitely that time of year for a candy overload!

Baked Bangkok

Our Halloween   menu is LIVE please book now for school parties please mention in booking so we can make them NUT FREE

Facebook : Baked Bangkok

Bake the town

Welcoming the Halloween festival, Bake the Town doesn’t go out of style, offering a Halloween Set of macarons with various flavors and cute patterns.
Ready to present a new flavor: sweet and sour Special for this October only!
Halloween Macaron set 1 box has 8 pieces.
Price per box 466 baht
Soft cookies: 1 box contains 5 pieces.
Cookies sent via EMS 50 baht for every order * But if ordered with macarons, there is no additional shipping charge.
Macarons delivered by temperature-controlled vehicle, starting at 150 baht
Ask for more information/order
FB : Bake the town
Line : @bakethetown

Baan Lalynn – Royal Icing


Halloween cookie **limited quantity
Accepting orders for fondant sugar cookies for this Halloween.
large single piece
*There are 3 types to choose from: A, B, C.
Cookie size approximately 7.5×8 cm.
Price per piece 89-.
Box set 6 pieces
Cookie size approximately 4-6.5 cm.
Price per box 99-.
Orders closed 20 Oct. ’23
Delivery 27 Oct. 2023
Ask for more details and order

FB Inbox : m.me/BaanLalynn
Line : https://lin.ee/TpLlSjC
IG : https://www.instagram.com/baanlalynn/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/BaanLalynn
Tiktok : https://www.tiktok.com/@baanlalynn?_t=8erNHf5Nx3a&_r=1



The return of ‘Nong Brownie Thai Tea’, the shop’s best-selling flavor that is extremely intense. Very fragrant Thai tea scent. Repeat:bangbang: It will only be available for sale during Halloween. Whoever is waiting for Thai tea, don’t miss it. Only brought back once a year:bangbang:

Two-tone brownies, Pordit Kham (9 pieces)
59.- (3 boxes, free shipping)
Little ghost brownies Pordikham (9 pieces)
59.- (3 boxes, free shipping)
Thai Tea Little Ghost Brownie Pordikham (9 pieces)
69.- (3 boxes, free shipping)
Two-tone little ghost brownies, Pordeekham (15 pieces)
89.- (2 boxes, free shipping)
Brownies for a tray (Message can be changed)
350.- (Free shipping)
Open for orders :fire:
Today-30.10.23 only or until full.
(Can be delivered nationwide)
Delivery from 28.10 onwards in time for Halloween
(Customers can pick up themselves or call GRAB. Can pick up on 30-31 Oct.)
Even more special, old customers get a 5% discount with free gifts
Facebook : Biscuitshome

Cafe de Tu

Cone with 4 characters
(Lala,Jack,Pat the bat,Frankie)
Available in Chocolate or Vanilla flavor
Mini size 550 baht
1 pound 800 baht
2 pounds 1,500 baht
Please order in advance

Our Halloween DIY cookies come in a cute Halloween bag, perfect for trick or treating!

Choose from assorted Halloween designs or the stackable Halloween cat.

Each set includes:
1 spoooooky bag
6 cookies
4 colors of icing
1 bag of sprinkles
1 bag of eyeballs

Halloween Banoffees are ready for you this month

Contact : 02 311 1846
Facebook : Cafe de Tu

Cupcakes ‘n’ Cookies

Cupcakes 'n' Cookies

Halloween treat boxes open for pre order Good for sharing with your family and friends or take them along for trick or treat …!!! Last date to book your box 26th October 1. A box of 6 sugar cookies decorated with chocolate in Halloween theme -300 baht 2. Box of 16 mini cupcakes in Halloween theme – 600 baht 3. Big box contains – 3 vanilla cupcakes 3 Sugar cookies 3 Halloween shaped chocolate filled with cake Small chocolates, Lots of spooky jelly candies and marshmallows – 750 baht

Facebook : Cupcakes ‘n’ Cookies

Dream Cakes by Sue


• 6 Sugar cookies topped with fondant
• 1 x Edible paint palette (M&Ms) + brush
• Secret Halloween treat
• Instruction leaflet
DM me Dream Cakes by Sue to order for collection week of 26th October

Sink your teeth into the spookiest treat of the season! Our Halloween chocolate-covered Oreos are wickedly delicious and hauntingly cute.
Perfect for parties or just indulging in some sweet frights. Order now and make your Halloween sweeter!

Contact : 089 884 6078
Facebook : Dream Cakes by Sue

Dropdead Gingerbread


Our super chewy, perfectly spiced Gingerbread are ready for Halloween! We have our Assorted Halloween Set, our “Trick or Treat” Set and our super popular DIY Box available.  

Quantities are limited so please order early. Pricing and delivery options in order form. 

 Order form linked Dropdead Gingerbread

Drop By Dough Store

This year’s HALLOWEEN donuts are here, with 4 new flavors. You shouldn’t miss them.
Spider Chocolate Mint
Donuts stuffed with mint cream, coated with chocolate and choco balls.
Matcha Choco face
Donuts stuffed with chocolate custard and coated with rich green tea chocolate.
Pumpkin Ghost
Donuts stuffed with pumpkin custard, decorated with marshmello Nong Phi.
White mask Raspberry jam
Donuts stuffed with homemade raspberry jam and coated with white chocolate.
You can order donuts online at GRAB or LINE: @dropbydough.
Drop By Dough Store
Sukhumvit 101/2

Facebook : Drop By Dough Store

Dusit Suites Hotel Ratchadamri, Bangkok

Dive into Halloween’s enchantment at our soy wax workshop! ​

Craft your candles and brew some spooky creativity.

For just 650THB per person, enjoy a selection of tea or coffee and pastries during the workshop. ​Reservations should be made at least one day in advance. ​

Date: 9th – 31st October 2023

​Available daily: 2 – 5 pm.

Book now: https://lin.ee/HmT2VIs

Facebook : Dusit Suites Hotel Ratchadamri, Bangkok


Special Halloween Box Set includes 4 flavors in 1 jar.
Crispy and fragrant waffles Authentic Hokkaido milk from Japan
Topped with 4 premium chocolate flavors: Hokkaido Milk, Dark Chocolate, Matcha, Strawberry.
Order quickly, limited quantity.

Contact : https://lin.ee/ASCsLGB
Facebook : Flaffle


Ghostly Hot Chocolate Treats

A spooky hot chocolate set perfect for the Halloween season!
– Ghost mug
– Hot chocolate stir
– 3 mini Halloween cookies
– Marshmallows
– Halloween candy
From 650 THB
We only have a limited number, head to our website to preorder order!
Facebook : Graze+Blossom

High Tea by Pickaboo

This Halloween, High Tea invites all friends to have a secret spooky experience. Enjoy an afternoon tea set to welcome the Ghost Release Festival, giving you goosebumps with delicious Halloween Afternoon Tea set with a variety of creative dessert devils served with premium TWG tea.
Frankenstein macarons
Spider Cookies (Lemon Flavor)
Pumpkin cupcakes
Chocolate mousse pie RIP
Casper Ghost Meringue
Price 699 baht
From 1-31 October 2023
Time 11:00 – 19:00 hrs.
High Tea by Pickaboo shop
Reserve in advance LINE: @highteabypickaboo
Facebook : High Tea by Pickaboo

JB’s Bakery

The meringue army of ghosts comes to spread the terror. Only 35.- per bag, 3 bags 100, order now.

Contact : 096 997 6060
Facebook : JB’s Bakery


Open for orders today Alua Halloween
Alua with fragrant coconut milk, slightly sweet recipe, dry and crispy on the outside. The inside is soft and chewy and sweet.

Alua Drop Water Halloween 500 grams, price 350 baht
Halloween, 4 boxes, price 45 baht, minimum 5 boxes
Halloween, box of 12, price 135 baht
Halloween 1 pack, 2 pieces, set of 15 packets, 30 pieces, price 350 baht (clear box with handle)
Halloween 1 pack, 2 pieces, set of 30 packets, 60 pieces, price 660 baht (clear box with handle)
Halloween 1 pack, 2 pieces, set of 50 packets, 100 pieces, price 1,100 baht (clear box with handle)

Accepting orders from today – 25 October 2023.
If the order is full first The shop would like to close accepting orders. Before the deadline
Order delivery time is until October 27, 2023.

Contact : KANOM INDY

Kanom Yai Chada

Kanom Yai Chada’s are presented.
Pineapple Filled Cookies The shop’s cookies use real butter. (It smells good in three houses and eight houses.) Goes well with the pineapple filling from Phetchaburi Province.
The sweet and sour filling is perfect.
Butter cookies are cute and scary.
The price of both types of snacks is 25 baht each.

A new product any customers who are interested in sugar sheets for decorating desserts/cakes? at halloween festival Grandma Chada’s dessert is ready to serve the (cute) haunts.

Contact : 089 674 1972
Facebook : Kanom Yai Chada


Let’s Bake BKK
Halloween cookies are ready to order now!
Early bird promotion buy 3 get 1 free mini cookies when ordering in advance within October 10,2023
Contact : 087 424 2897
Facebook : Katemade
Line ID: katemade1

Krispy Kreme Thailand

Spooky Monster Cookies n’ Kreme : Popular donuts stuffed with cookies and cream purple chocolate coating decorated with crunchy chocolate cookies and little monsters.
Scooby Dooby Doo Doughnut : The cutest donuts. Coated and decorated with blue and green chocolate. Add brightness with orange buttercream and Scooby-Doo the dog.
Mystery Machine : Soft donuts covered in rich chocolate. Decorated with chocolate sprinkles and a super cute Scooby-Doo van.
Jinkies ! Halloween Orange Spinkle : Chocolate-orange coated donuts Add color with colorful sprinkles.
At a price of 35 baht / piece
Scooby-Doo Doughnuts “Special Set “ Enjoy a variety of donuts. taste set of 12 pieces, priced at only 296 baht, from normally 384 baht.

(The set includes; Original Glazed 6 pieces + Scooby-Doo Donuts 6 pieces)
From 9 Oct. 2023 – 31 Oct. 2023 or until the product runs out.

Contact : 02 402 4545
Facebook : Krispy Kreme Thailand


Welcome to Spooky Season. Welcome Halloween with 2 new popcorn flavors to please the sweet and sour and chocolate lovers. Anyone who is waiting for Choco Banana, come this way. On sale today – 31 October.

Zombie Blueberry Lime (Zombie Blueberry Lime) price 99 baht: blueberries Khei’s Popcorn adds fun to Halloween this year. With new popcorn flavors, bright colors, to please kids with Boo!! With the mellow sweet and sour taste of blueberry and lemon, blended perfectly. Add fun with Halloween sugar flakes. A new flavor that everyone who sees will want to trick or treat.

Spooky Choco Banana Boo!!
(Spooky Choco Banana) Price 99 baht. Back by popular demand with chocolate popcorn mixed with crispy bananas. Rich dark chocolate aroma and added deliciousness with oil-free crispy bananas. It’s a taste that you can’t miss. Whoever is waiting, hurry up.

Premium Quality
Handcrafted gourmet popcorn
All natural ingredients

  • Corn seeds imported from America
  • Use 100% real fresh butter in production.
  • No preservatives added.
  • No trans fat
  • Good vacuum packaging.

Facebook : Kheispopcorn

Little Mermaid – Bakery

Collection HALLOWEEN Cute bakery from Little Mermaid – Bakery Bambini Villa Project, 1st floor

Ghost Bun : Soft meat bun with chocolate custard filling, white chocolate dipped.
Black Cat Bun : Bread with black cat face. Soft texture. No filling. Dipped in chocolate.
Jack-o-lantern : pumpkin crusted bread, sweet, maple syrup
Witch Hat Bun : Witch hat bun, chocolate dipped, sprinkled with sugar.

Pin the messy deliciousness at the shop @Little Mermaid – Bakery 

Contact : 061 415 0291
Facebook : Little Mermaid – Bakery

Love Strawberry

Welcome to Hallows Day

Most ghosts are scary… But some ghosts are “eatable”
“Coming to welcome the month of releasing ghosts with various menus with strawberries” Send all the good feelings to the special person with a special gift with fresh strawberries imported from abroad. Decorated with cute design”

Price starts at 499. 

      Line : @love_strawberry
      IG : lovestrawberry.v2
      Tel : 0946803636/020011352
Facebook : Love Strawberry


Halloween You won’t be lonely this Halloween anymore…
ofmybrake Raise an army of ghosts and monster gangs to shake the nerves, led by the brutal little Frankenstein. #Frankenstein Followed by the crafty little pumpkin ghost and the terrifying army of mummies
This event is really delicious, definitely not a scam!!!
Baking Happiness, Delivering quality
Bake with happiness… Forward with quality

Contact : 092 926 2647
Facebook : Ofmybake

Pop Ovens Bangkok

place your order now
LINE @popovensbangkok
Pre-orders for Halloween Cookies are now open:
Ask for more details

LINE @popovensbangkok
Facebook : Pop Ovens Bangkok

Rolling Pin

Pre order Halloween Cookies :
Halloween Assorted Cookies
Not more than 10 pieces = 30 baht each
11-30 pieces = 27 baht each
30-50 pieces = 25 baht each
50 pieces or more = 22 baht each

Halloween Coffin Cookies
Not more than 10 pieces = 75 baht per box
11-30 pieces = 70 baht per box
30-50 pieces = 65 baht per box
50 pieces or more = 60 baht per box

Halloween Macaron (delivered only in Bangkok)
Not more than 10 pieces = 50 baht each
11-30 pieces = 47 baht each
30-50 pieces = 45 baht each
50 pieces or more = 42 baht each

You can mix and match the amount of each type of dessert.
Order 30 pieces or more, free delivery.
To order snacks, inbox to us.

Contact : 088 628 9508
Facebook : Rolling Pin

Steps Community

Steps treats where everyone’s sweet tooth is welcome! Our inclusive bakery offers Halloween cookies and chocolate cupcakes for all dietary needs, including regular, gluten-free and vegan options.

You can now place your orders online for these delightful treats.
Facebook : Steps Community
Line: @Theerabakeroom

Stickhouse Thailand

Halloween Set comes with 6 mini sticks with 3 flavors #chocolate #vanilla #yakultpepo coated with full chocolate dipping and halloween chocolate art
Order now through Line OA: @stickhouse or inbox in IG or Facebook

Stickhouse Thailand

Villa Market

Spooky Snacks and Treats
Discover a Hauntingly Delicious Selection of Spooky Snacks and Treats at Villa Market for This Upcoming Halloween


Extended deliciousness According to popular demand, stock up and stock up!

The most exclusive product, a special Halloween croissant for WARMTH customers, frighteningly filled with passion fruit and beetroot filling. Deliciousness like no other Satisfyingly sour but still delicious and mellow.

Transform your cafe for Halloween.
Only 7 days! From today – 10 October 2023
Limited quantity! Hurry and order in.

Halloween Croissant
Pack Size: 6 Pcs./Pack

Charcoal Croffle Dough
Super black powder Ready for you to create a variety of menus.
Charcoal black flour croffles Fragrant, juicy, fresh, authentic French butter. Comes in the form of frozen dough (Dough). Cool it down by proofing the product for 1-2 hours until it’s puffy and then put it in a waffle maker. Ready for you to use to create menus, add makeup, or decorate dishes a little. Ready to serve deliciousness

WARMTH, a premium grade bakery wholesale service provider
Inquiry for further details:
Tel. 098-956-3654
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/warmthbkk
Line: @warmthbkk
IG : warmth.bkk

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