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New Eco-Friendly Activewear from Flexi Lexi

Flexi Lexi Fitness is a Bangkok-based yoga and activewear company that focuses on comfort, fun and colourful designs, flexibility and functionality. And they are innovative, having recently rolled out a new eco-friendly collection that will make you look and feel awesome, without compromising on performance and style.

This new collection, inspired by summer holiday vibes and creatures of the deep, is called “Under the Sea”, and every item is made entirely from recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. The recycled bottles are collected and flaked before they are turned into Repreve chips that are extruded into Repreve yarn. Around 25 bottles are used for one pair of pants and around 10 bottles comprise one crop top. With one set, the brand could help reduce up to 35 plastic bottles.

Quick drying and lightweight, with a 4-way stretch, Flexi Lexi gear is perfect for yoga, hot yoga, SUP yoga, workout, jogging, surfing, etc. They have numerous patterns for adult yoga pants, some with matching pants your minis (starting from XS, which is suitable for little yogis aged 2 to 5, to M for 10 to 13 year olds). For the “Under the Sea” collection, you have a choice of five sets: Sassy Seahorse, Let’s Be Mermaid, Message in The Bottle, Turtly Awesome and Whale Be Okay.

In addition to helping reduce plastic waste, Flexi Lexi pledges to pay above-average wages to local artisans in order to help support their families and promote a safe work environment.

For more product details, please visit Flexi Lexi Fitness’s website.


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