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Category: Fitness & Exercise

Feb 20
Rock Climbing for Kids in Bangkok

Rock climbing for kids is, believe it or not, one of the safest sports around especially when compared to the more traditional sports like rugby and hockey. Not only does […]

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Feb 16
8 Reasons Why Tennis is Great for Kids

In recent years, tennis has become an increasingly popular choice for parents with young children because it has many unique benefits that aren’t as prominent in team sports like soccer. […]

Feb 02
Try Something New: 5 Non-Mainstream Sports for Kids

If you’re looking for something outside of the normal sports box and a new exciting way to keep the kids active, the following five non mainstream sports options will help […]

Feb 02
Sports, Exercise & Physical Education

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you but how do we encourage these healthy habits for our kids especially in an age where ever-evolving technology is constantly distracting them? […]

Jan 31
Topgolf Academy for Kids

If taught correctly, golf can be an excellent way to teach your kid problem-solving and strategic thinking skills.  Starting on the mini-golf green, your child will have to think about […]

Jan 26
How Golf Can Boost Your Child’s Brain Power 

Want your child to grow up with excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills? Teach your child to golf and they’ll learn more than you know!  Sport is an important part […]

Jul 13
The NEW Craze – Skate Parks in Bangkok

Is it just us or as soon as Bangkok started to re-open there seems to have been an influx of skate parks that have opened in Bangkok. Recently the Bangkok […]

Jun 01
Traidhos Kids Camps, Chiang Mai

Watching the spider spin its web, getting covered in mud on a long hike, a picnic under a tall tree…when you recall childhood memories, what is it that you remember? […]

Apr 28
Connecting With & Supporting Your Teen

We’re well and truly in the information age, where communications and access to data transpires in mere seconds and literally at our fingertips. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer […]

Mar 02
SUP Hire Thailand: Paddleboarding & Cycling

Want to try out your paddle boarding skills? Look no further than SUP Hire Thailand who not only offer one day lessons, team building workshops but some family friendly days […]