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Traidhos Camp, Chiang Mai

Traidhos Camp, found on the Traidhos Three-Generation Community Campus in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, offers residential activity camps for kids 9 to 13 years in age. With the goal of encouraging and nurturing new interests in young people, the carefully planned programs enable campers to grow towards their full potential as happy, global citizens in a safe, encouraging and inspiring setting.

Such programs include themes of science explorer, food and feasting, adventure, survival, team-building and arts, delivered through games, outings, campfires and living together. The latter especially helps to promote cooperation and fun — students grow in self-confidence and independence whilst exploring new life-long skills and interests. Camp counsellors play a vital role in helping campers to enjoy each experience and to reflect on what they have seen and done, and to build the feeling of community.

The spacious and green campus is partly shared with Prem Tinsulanonda International School, but the camp program is independent of the school. Campers can enjoy facilities such as a large swimming pool, climbing wall, low ropes course, cycle paths, team-buidling areas, tennis and golf facilities as well as craft spaces. Depending upon the camp, students live in a purpose built bunk house, with bunk beds arranged in a dorm room, common area and rooms for supervising camp counsellors, or in small two-room apartments where each room sleeps 3 to 4 students. Campers eat at the on-campus cafeteria, which serves a variety of Thai, western and vegetarian foods.

The Traidhos Camp Program operates year round, with open camps during each of the major holiday periods: April, June to August and October. Activity Camps are sold in packages of one week, but it is possible to join for multiple weeks. Customised camps, including family camp for parents and younger children, may be requested at other times.

For more information, please visit Traidhos Camp’s website, Facebook page or e-mail [email protected].

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