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Football Academies For Kids in Bangkok

Kids playing football

Football is a hot topic in Bangkok and it’s one of the most searched sports areas in our website! For parents who are looking to let your kids release some energy outside the house, a football academy is the perfect outlet. Not only do your little ones get to learn the proper football techniques of kicking a ball or dribbling but for aspiring football players these academies can help them improve their skills and reach their full potential.

Bangkok FC

Bangkok FC Academy is definitely one of the top choices for future footballing athletes. The academy itself is a product of the professional team: Bangkok FC. Kids can join from age 5 all the way to age 21 – from childhood all the way to adulthood. What makes Bangkok FC stand out is the professional contracts they offer for talented youngsters. This can be a professional contract to the team itself or other Thai League professional teams. Additionally, Bangkok FC claim to be the biggest football academy in Bangkok as they can gather up to 700 kids on a weekly basis. For Bangkok FC’s Facebook click here. To read more about Bangkok FC click here.

Can U Kick it

Our organisation is aimed at bringing grassroots football to kids aged 2-16 years of age as an after school activity during weekdays at several International schools and weekends at great location, Polo Football Park. CUKI has positioned itself the forefront education through professionalism innovative approaches. CUKI coaches are a group of highly motivated professional European who committed and dedicated to develop youth soccer. We proud of having contributed with many players graduating our year-round programs to go on represent school teams. Click here


Cuki Tots

CUKI Tots offers a positive, entertaining pre-school football programme delivered in a responsive environment, with the aid of our lovable assistant ‘Lenny the Lion’. CUKI TOTS’ encourages and nurtures the football stars of the future from 2 years of age and up. Their aim is to ‘make certain that every child who plays a part in CUKI TOTS not only learns new skills,
but most importantly has fun!

Parents of toddlers and young children this academy is for you. Coaches at CUKI Tots are there to support the little football stars through their most noticeable coach ‘Lenny the Lion’ who encourages and improves skills with the little tots, as well as learning teamwork and communication with your teammates. To read more about what CUKI Tots offer, click here.

EPA Football Club & West Ham United Foundation

EPA Football academy

EPA FC is football skills training and tactical development academy for students of all ages. They believe that there is a place for everyone of all ability levels and their training methods support student learning and help to improve their mental approach to the game increasing their self-confidence and self-worth.

Their coaching methods enable students to fully understand why they are practicing and developing certain skills, the effect it has on their performance and encourages them to be positive about their individual performances both on and off the field. To read more about EPA click here.

Bangkok Ensi Sport Football Academy

Bangkok Ensi Sport models the footballing style of African and European football. Young football superstars can start from as early as two years old. For parents who are looking to let their kids tryout football B.E.S Academy offers three designated classes. These are based on age and skill level, all the way from 2 years young to 14. The coaches of Bangkok Ensi Sport stem from former professional players, no matter what age group your child is admitted into this they are in safe footballing hands.

Click here for Bangkok Ensi Sport’s Facebook page

BSL (Bangkok Soccer League)

Bangkok Soccer League or BSL has made a name for themselves for decades, it’s no secret, BSL just knows how to arrange football for kids. Bangkok Soccer League is open to girls and boys from the early age of 4 all the way to high school graduation. BSL is a voluntary organisation with the aim to teach kids more than football. Their goal is to educate young footballers on the sportsmanship of the game and to teach them how to work together as a team. You can find them hosting games at Brighton College International School. Click here to find more information on BSL.

Chelsea FC International Development Centre Bangkok

Even if you aren’t a football fanatic, you have probably heard of Chelsea FC. Based in the heart of Bangkok, Chelsea FC Development Centre is home to football grounds of NIST International school. Adopting the same philosophy as Chelsea’s professional Premier League team. The development centre’s values are on ‘innovation, performance and community’ complimented by their motto of ‘Here to Play, Here to Stay’. Boys and girls are taught in the same mentality as the footballing giants to maximise the abilities of competition and enjoyment.

FC Bangkok

Not to confuse FC Bangkok with Bangkok FC. The blue shirts of FC Bangkok’s players are a force to be reckon with. However, this requires entering their football academy. With a high standard of coaches supervising a variety of different age groups. Multiple of FC Bangkok’s former players have found success with numerous football clubs around the world. Parents with future football stars may want to consider FC Bangkok as an important school for their physical development.

Galaxy FC Thailand

Dedicated towards the development for the youth, Galaxy FC prepares young football stars for competitive games and tournaments around Bangkok. Galaxy FC’s training regime consists heavily of small sided football games. As Galaxy FC believe these mini games can improve the ability to critically think when in a real match. Galaxy FC’s small sided games are also based on the programs of Championship clubs Barcelona and Bayern Leverkusen, with the aim to develop football intelligence. Don’t hesitate to contact Galaxy FC as they are recruiting footballing prospects and future camps.
Click here to contact Galaxy FC Thailand via Line.

iPlay Soccer Schools

iPlay welcomes young kids of any ability to partake in their exciting yet educating program on the game of football. Parents who are looking for a new sport for their little ones to try out, iPlay has proved to provide enjoyable experiences for their footballing stars. However, iPlay also proposes ‘Elite Training Sessions’ for a more professional training program. As these training sessions are labelled as ‘elite’, these sessions are for those who see football as more than a hobby. Perhaps, looking to become the next Lionel Messi or Alex Morgan.
Click here for more information on their Facebook page.


Kiddy-Kicks is another early years football academy in Bangkok, starting kids from the ages of 2 years old or even under. This football school may possibly be the most intimate football academy in Bangkok. Kiddy Kicks encourages the participation of parents and family members to help their children grow confidently in a positive environment. Rather than solely focusing on football technique, Kiddy Kicks develops the students’ brain skills, counting and colour recognition, as well as football skills.

PFA Bangkok

Following a Barcelona methodology style, PFA was founded in 2016 professionals from Spain who have a history of coaching experience. PFA pride themselves of having a high standard of staff and international practice. This is to ensure that students gain the maximum quality of football technique and etiquette. Furthermore, a perk of joining PFA are the international trips. To briefly mention their impressive resume, PFA academy have gone against Barcelona Academy in Spain, competitions in Manchester and Lyon have also been accomplished.
Click here for more information on their international travels.
Click here for more information on the academy of PFA.

Soltilo Familia Soccer School Thailand

Soltilo Familia Soccer Schools is an international branch of football schools, originally opened in Japan, they have expanded to locations internationally, Thailand included. Soltilo introduces young players to the feel of the game, learning basic skills, understanding the rules. Fans of the Japanese superstar Keisuke Hondais will be delighted to know that he is involved in the creation of Soltilo’s curriculum. As Bangkok is famously known for its hot weather, parents can watch their kiddos from the air-conditioned clubhouse.

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