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Rock Climbing for Kids in Bangkok

Rock climbing kids

Rock climbing for kids is, believe it or not, one of the safest sports around especially when compared to the more traditional sports like rugby and hockey. Not only does it increase strength, endurance and flexibility, it is an excellent sport for teaching risk taking, feet and eye co-ordination and a safe way to push kids out of their comfort zone. As they progress, they will also need to learn the skills of planning ahead, problem solving and making decisions based on risks and their individual abilities. It’s a great form of physical education to help boost a child’s self esteem and build confidence, and helps eliminate the fear of heights, although always be sure to use age appropriate height climbing walls, unless you have a really brave 6 year old!

Some schools in Bangkok have their own dedicated rock climbing walls which are featured as part of their physical education programme, which then leads into residential trips where the kids can try actual rock climbing in different safe settings. There are also some great kids camps that host overnight trips where rock climbing is one of the outside activities on offer.

If you want to start slowly and try out rock climbing for the first time, there are lots of places in and around Bangkok which can be fun for the whole family. Check out our top 5 below.

Editors note: some centers offer lessons, whilst some are just for fun so it’s best to check in advance the days you can just rock-up, (in more ways than one), on the day.

Climb Central Bangkok

Climb Central is in south Bangkok and is an indoor air-conditioned expansive climbing facility, with over 50 different climbing lanes to tackle, the challenges for thrill seekers are endless. Climb Central features many different styles of climbing lanes to choose from, from IFC speed lanes to a dedicated boulder area. If you’re an avid climber wanting to upgrade your climbing gear, Climb Central also has some equipment for sale, ranging from shoes to harnesses.

F5 Climbing Center

Bangkok welcomes F5 Climbing Center to eager participants of all ages. From upside down cave climbs to straight walls, their facility caters to all different levels of climbers. However, what makes F5 stand out is the many different day trips that can be organised to escape the city and try some safe situational climbs outdoor trips nothing beats a true rock climbing experience!

Gravity Lab Bangkok

If you are looking to explore the most intricate of rock climbing paths in Bangkok, Gravity Lab is certain to fulfill your wishes. Members of staff or rather ‘scientists’ at the Rock Climbing centre are said to be experts in setting up some gravity defying climbing routes. Gravity Lab’s instructors can even change and tailor-make the routes, according to your skill level so that kids and parents can simultaneously climb together and perhaps even have a little friendly competition.

The Racquet Club 49

The Racquet Club 49 offers an insightful experience to learn climbing. Beginners, in particular, can find the help and encouragement they need here. With instructors catered towards your specific skill level, children and adults can attend climbing classes hosted by the staff at the Racquet Club. With over 80 routes (which change every week), it’s a great place for some physical fun right in the heart of central Bangkok. Make sure to check out the Racquet Club’s website and Facebook for any promotions coming up.

Rock Domain Climbing Gym

Billed as the biggest climbing facility in Thailand with the most climbing features, Rock Domain Climbing Gym has over 1,100 square metres of climbing space dedicated to novices and seasoned pros alike. The Bouldering section, Top Rope Wall and Lead Wall each have over 100 routes with varying degrees of difficulty – great for young climbers learning the ropes. Boredom isn’t a word that’s associated with Rock Domain as they change the routes of your climb every week. Climbing instruction and courses are also available to lend technical tips, and support and all the gear you need can be hired or bought from the on-site shop. Prices start from 400 baht (300 baht for those under 18). There is a great air-conditioned café on site offering free Wi-Fi and a selection of drinks and snacks as most climbers come here for the day!

Urban Playground Climbing

Urban Playground Climbing (UP) is the product of an idea to grow sport climbing in Thailand by creating rock climber’s ‘playground’, right in the middle of Bangkok. We want our ‘playground” to be a safe, fun and challenging training ground for first time climbers and experienced climbers alike. Our mission is to make high quality indoor climbing facility more accessible to Bangkok’s climbing community and offer an alternative lifestyle to those seeking thrills, excitement and new challenges.
for more detail please contact : [email protected] or website

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