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TouchDown Flag Football Academy

Touch Down Football Academy

TouchDown Academy are an educational sport institution which specialises in ‘Flag Football’, one of today’s world fastest growing sports. The academy was formed by a passionate group of world-class professionals who aspire to bring fun experiences whilst being dedicated to ensure every kid reaches their full potential.

Welcome to The World of Flag Football

Flag football is a variant of American football where, instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier (“deflagging”) to block them from scoring a touch down. The sport has a strong amateur following with several national and international competitions each year sponsored by various associations but is most popularly played in America where it was invented. The only difference between the two sports is that in American Football, tackling has a huge impact on the game. In Flag Football, tackling down players is not allowed.

As Flag Football is a non-contact sport where the tackles are made by pulling off the flags which all players wear on their hips it makes if a great sport for all levels, abilities and genders. The game is much simpler, faster, and more accessible than regular football. Flag football requires you to work together as a team and to communicate with your friends. You need to be creative with your play, make decisions on which strategy to use, and adjust your plan throughout the game.

What the Game Involves

Each team takes a turn to score a point. The offense team will try to move the ball to the other
side, either by throwing or by hand-to-hand.

The defense team will try to pull the flag to stop the player from reaching the end zone.

If the offense team reach to the opponent’s End-Zone, they get the score, we called it
‘Touchdown’ and the team with the most touchdowns wins the game.

Touch Down football academy

About TouchDown Flag Football Academy

• 100% English Language Teaching
• Educating basic movements competency from early age
• Connecting sport & fun
• Building team and communication skills
• Bringing their best self
• Developing athletes mindset
• Learning to contribute to the team by leading & following

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