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Review: Lazgam Laser Games

If you have kids that like shooting stuff, being shot at and generally getting hyped up in a dark sweaty place, then Lazgam laser games are definitely an activity for your family!

We had a 13 year old’s birthday party and it was a huge success. This is not a gender specific activity — boys and girls both loved it. The adrenaline, the challenge and the strategy they needed to win, along with the team work and energy appeals to everyone.

It is person specific, however. It’s a noisy, vigorous adventure, not for the faint hearted.

Children as young as 6 can enjoy this activity but make sure, if you’re planning on going, that there are not big groups of older children there at the same time, as it would become quite intimidating if you were a youngster amidst a crowd of giants with guns.

Inside the arena is a labyrinth of walls, corridors and platforms to explore and exploit for your team’s success. If friends want to sit out, they can watch from outside on the screens whilst preparing themselves for their next victory.

Lazgam offer birthday party packages including food, drink and cake. If you’re lucky, the staff will sing happy birthday!

The games last for 15 minutes each, and go full pelt from the moment they begin. There’s no mucking around. Each player is given a sensory piece of armour to wear, along with a fully loaded gun. There is, of course, no ammunition of any kind, other than lasers and sensors.

There is always the option to just playing the games with friends. Lazgam currently offers 3 games for 399 bht per child and 499 bht per adult with an additional 100 bht at the weekend per player. For every 4 players, one plays for free.

Lazgam has 3 locations, in Bangkok, Pattaya and Samui. We visited Lazgam Bangkok, located on 4th floor of Holiday Inn in Prom Phong. The facility is easy to reach by public transport or car, with plenty of parking for Lazgam customer.

Image credit: Lazgam

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