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Workshop Hopping: A Weekend of Learning at The COMMONS


The COMMONS is organizing a very special weekend, from 17 to 18 March 2018, where you can shop for skills, not materials! They have partnered up with local instructors, studios, practitioners, and individuals who are really passionate about what they do and can’t wait to share their skills and ideas with you.

There will be over 30 different workshops, from arts & crafts, food & drinks, well-being and personal development; there will be workshops for kids, adults and even ones where families can join together. You’re never too young or old to learn, so let’s get schooled in something new!

Below is what’s being offered (or see the full workshop line up). Please book your workshops online.

● Plant Papercraft with Oct Studio (TH) ● Natural Wrapping Project with Mud Jai (TH) ● Unshape : Ugly Fruit Printing with ChubbyNida ● Self Portrait Drawing with Juli Baker and Summer ● Brush Calligraphy with Candice Lin ● DIY Your Beret with Hana ● Wall Hanging Art with Jirayu Koo ● Cut & Print with The Archivist ● Resin Design & Clay Jewelry with Pop Up Art Studio ● Cactus Mini Garden with Garden Atlas ● Wooden Toy Making & Leather Craft with Little Pea ● Ceramic Craft with Lamunlamai ● Re-tote Your Bag with Nuttiyar TAAN


● Speed Brewing with Roots Coffee ● Fresh Pasta Making with Chef Autumn ● North – South Pickling with Chef Black from Blackitch Artisan Kitchen ● Supergrain Energy Balls with Gung (SEVEN) ● Double Chocolate Brownies with One Night One Recipe ● Rowdy Wine Pairing with Naturalista


● Learn Inversion & Detox Yoga with Héloïse Chong ● Family Mindfulness with Masooma ● Compost Kit with SOS


● Soul Mapping Meditation with Angeli ● Presentation Power, Job Interview Master, and Debate & Discussion with Aristotle’s Cafe ● New You in 30 Minutes : 1 on 1 confidence coaching with ActionPlay (TH)

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