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The Royal Projects of Chiang Mai

Visiting Chiang Mai’s many royal projects is an amazing way to ensure that generations to come support Thailand’s royal heritage, beliefs and culture.

HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama 9, left the most incredible legacy to his people. He initiated numerous projects designed to benefit the land and people. Thailand has an incredibly versatile farming background, which is something we should continue to support and instill in generations to come from all around the world. The royal projects aid over 38 sites across Thailand, and are a really fun and exciting way to help children reconnect with nature.

Chiang Mai alone is home to many projects, many of which were meant to phase out the production of opium in the north of Thailand by creating better and more sustainable livelihoods for many hilltribe people. Here’s a sample of what to see when you visit.

The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang (pictured above)
Misty hills, bike riding, horse riding and so much more, this is a winter wonderland in Thai terms. Great for some outdoor adventuring as well as learning about the local hill tribes and how they farm.
Tel. 053 969 489, 053 969 476-78 ext. 114,
Facebook: AngkhangRoyalAgriculturalStation

The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon
At the highest point in Thailand, this very special royal project is home to many temperate and cold loving plants. A must for misty morning lovers. There are loads of tours on offer here from growing to nature hikes. It’s an incredibly exciting way to learn about the farming world here in Thailand.
Tel. 053 286 777, 053 286 778
[email protected]

The Khun Wang Royal Project
On the hillside of Doi Inthanon sits this spectacular project is famous for its Cherry Blossoms in the winter months, as well as its cultivation of vanilla. There are guided walks, and an education centre. Accommodations allow you to stay in this incredibly scenic royal project, with heaps of space for children to have fun!
Tel. 053 939 102 or 085 717 0399 

Mae Sapok Royal Project
Created as a project to aid the Karen farmers develop a more sustainable approach to farming, this site is now home to bamboo rafting and elephant tourism. There are waterfalls and treks alongside the amazing vegetable and fruit gardens.
Tel. 053 318 322 or 085 716 3134

Huai Siew Royal Project
A great agro-tourism spot that shows the farming ways of the Hmong people among the glorious vegetable and fruit trees. Visits may plant, learn and enjoy this project.
Tel. 053 248 425 or 089 850 6586

Mon Ngo Royal Project
A quieter, less well-known project, this is the place for tea and coffee enthusiasts, as well as learning about locally grown fruit and vegetables. Kids can enjoy the open spaces and outdoor activities. However, there is no restaurant on the site, but there are warm and comfortable accommodations for up to 15 people.
Tel. 081 025 1002 or 053 318 308
Facebook: royalprojectmonngo

Nong Hoi Royal Project
Focusing on hydroponics and organic gardening, this project is a must for those hoping to guide their children in the ways of sustainable farming. And the views are to die for.
Tel. 081 950 9767 or 083 324 0610

AngKhang_Project_CM Angkhang_CM1

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