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Experience a Wonderful Chiang Mai Farmstay

Farmstays are here to stay!

Situated an hour outside Chiang Mai, Thung Dong Farm is a beautifully kept, reasonably priced and incredibly child-friendly farmstay. Perched perfectly on the edge of the mountains and the jungle, the huge property reflects cleaver design by owner Khun Ae, capturing everything you could want from an outdoors, natural and relaxing experience.

The main accommodation area runs along a crystal-clear stream; it also houses a large fish pond, an impressive gaggle of chickens, ducks and geese, three beautiful golden labs, some buffalo and an adopted wild deer. Oh, and how can I forget, a very friendly cat called Oscar. There are plants and trees as far as the eye can see, and it is all at your disposal.

We visited with a one-year-old, three-year-old and 12-year-old, and they were all entertained and happy for our six-night visit. There was so much to do. Animal feeding, walks into the jungle and splashing in the river were often the morning activities, followed by afternoons spent at the local hot springs, incredible Maekhumpong Village and waterfall, or a trip to the lush Mae Rim area and all it has to offer!

Our family indulged in the ‘great outdoors’ as much as we could: strawberry picking, visiting rose gardens and exploring coffee plantations, all organised by Khun Ae at a small additional cost.

As we are keen gardeners, the highlight had to be Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden but purely because there were more exotic and European plants than you could shake a stick at, and the space was amazing for the kids to run and frolic in. The canopy walk is now open, which is suitable for intrepid children. Ours really enjoyed being up in the trees. Me? Not so much, so I put on a brave face.

At the farm there were three types of accommodation available. The farm house where we stayed is a traditional Thai wooden house on stilts with two bedrooms, with plenty of room for the five of us. There’s also the recently renovated Sunset Room that sleeps three comfortably, as well as an additional bunk room space for two more guests (at an extra cost). Finally, The Garden Room serves as a small ensuite room for three guests.

The costs include all three exceptional meals each day, which are mainly traditional Thai dishes cooked to your specific requirements. You can also put in orders. All made from locally sourced ingredients, our favourites were green and penang curries, sweet and sour fish, and tempura morning glory.

To top off the whole experience, Khun Ae’s team are on hand to cater for you and your family, with permanent smiles on their faces. This family-run business exudes a sense of love and warmth to all guests, especially those with kids. The stay at Thung Dong Farm was easily our best family holiday in Thailand so far.


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