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Recommended Paediatricians at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Parents from our community often ask for recommendations on local specialists on children’s health issues. We had a question on recommended paediatricians at Bumrungrad, and have posted the feedback below in order of preference (number of likes and comments). This also includes comments made previously on our page.

Please note that the opinions noted below are not necessarily the opinions of BKK Kids. By reading this, you accept the condition that none of the comments on this page should be taken as fact, nor in lieu of medical or legal advice.

General Paediatrics:

Karl Kalavantavanich, M.D.

Described as a specialist in allergies of the upper respiratory system as well as an all-around good doctor who seems loved by many BKK mums. Learn more.

Somyod Kongdachalert, M.D.

Received praise for being “very good, does not push medicine”, as well as “very thorough, professional and caring”. Learn more.

Chiraporn Hotrakitya, M.D.

“Love her,” says one mum. Also she’s “very good but does not take appointments on Saturday/Sunday, which may mean a long wait”. Learn more.

Araya Chokrungvaranon, M.D.

Learn more.

Mingmuang Worawattanakul, M.D.

Learn more.

Pavintara Harinsoot Somnuke, M.D.

Learn more.

Vidhaya Mekanandha, M.D.

“Doesn’t push drugs immediately. Listens very well. Great with young kids.” Learn more.

Prasong Pruksananonda, M.D.

Described as “a good [doctor], very detailed before giving the final diagnosis”. Learn more.

Dermatology/Allergy & Immunology:

Dr. Rataporn Ungpakorn, M.D.

Described as great with young children, “delightful with impeccable English”. Learn more.

Patarin Jaovisidha, M.D.

A paediatric allergy specialist, she has been described as “patient, informative, and most importantly, empathetic. She understands the pain a child undergoes and the anxieties faced by parents.” Another parent said she is “wonderful – very calm, reassuring and thorough”. Learn more.


Nopadol Saropala, M.D.

Recommended highly by those who have had natural births, VBAC, and emergency C-sections (one mother had all three of her kids via all three methods with him). Comments include: “I have complete faith in him” to “I can’t praise Dr. Nopadol highly enough.” Also, for elective C-sections, “he was great and recovery was super fast” and one mum “felt zero pain during or after the C-section”. Learn more.

Anong Lekagul, M.D.

On her delivery experience, a patient commented, I was up and walking in 2 days. It was a much nicer experience compared to my first C-section back in Europe. This time, almost no pain at all.” Learn more.

Saowanee Karnplumjid, M.D.

Recommended by a mum who had an emergency C-section: “she was wonderful, her stitches are very neat”. Also, she is “thorough and straightforward”. Learn more.


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