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How to Survive a Family Road Trip during the Holidays

The holidays are quite a busy time on the roads, considering that most people are trying to move from one point to another to get to their destination. As such, this can cause a lot of commotion along the roadways, making your trip quite unbearable especially if you are traveling with kids. However, with a few pointers, you can have a fun road trips in Thailand with kids. Here are some of the best ones that you can incorporate before and during your trip.

Service Your Car Earlier

There is nothing as disappointing as traveling in a vehicle that frequently keeps on malfunctioning. The process slows you down and prolongs your journey. To avoid such instances, you should take your automobile for a trip to the garage and have it checked thoroughly. Get new tires if necessary, change the oil, have your brakes checked for safety reasons and do any other regular check-ups to take care of any uncertainties. Also, see to it that the insurance is still valid!

Print a Map or Use Google Maps

It matters whether you have been to a particular place before or not; routes in Thailand frequently change or undergo road work. Print a map to see whether there have been any changes made to the road since the time you were last there. The route will aid you in better navigating the region you are traveling to, keeping you in good terms with the traffic police. For convenience sake, make use of Google maps.

Carry Snacks and Drinks with You

Road trips can prove to be extra-long especially if the distance between stops is long. The kids are bound to get pretty hungry fast as compared to the adults. To keep them calm and satiated, pack snacks and foodstuffs for the trip. Ensure that you take with you plenty of water to keep yourselves hydrated. While at it, prepare a trash disposal container that will be used to hold all bottles and paper packaging to keep the car clutter free.

Find Fun Kids Activities to Keep Them Busy

Take a road trip kit for kids with you. The package should include a few toys, drawing and colouring books, crayons, and iPods and other handy gadgets. These will keep the children engaged throughout the journey and prevent them from feeling the monotony of the travel. Give them one item at a time to use to keep them from using all the items at one go, eventually leaving them with nothing exciting to do but fight for space in the back.

Take Breaks Often

Depending on how much drinks they kids take and how long the journey is, it is crucial to make stops moderately to give everyone a chance to empty their bowels or stretch their legs. If there are individuals who cannot go for long periods without taking a bathroom break, find routes that have enough stops along the way that have the facility.

Place All Essentials Within Reach

At times, you may need to change diapers or wipe down someone’s dirty hands before they snack, or one of you may get sick, and you have to make a detour. Rather than having to rampage through all the bags looking for diapers, wet wipes, or other supplies, keep them in a small luggage bag near you. This way, in case anything happens, it’s a grab and go situation. When thinking of what to take on a road trip with kids, look at items that are necessary and critical especially in case of an emergency.

Adjust the Seats to Provide Enough Legroom

Creating enough legroom is essential if you are traveling with older kids. Having them squeezed in the back cause them to experience leg cramps and also strike a fight for space. See to it that you adjust the back seats well to provide ample legroom for your back passengers. Reduce the amount of luggage you want to take with you to make this possible.

Start Your Journey Early

Pack all your things into the car the night before to allow you to begin your journey almost as soon as you wake up. The next morning, make the preparation a swift affair, with essentials like showering and taking breakfast. If possible, you can take the meal as you go to avoid dilly-dallying around the house. Starting the travel in the wee hours will have your children sleeping. This will enable you to cover a great millage before they wake up and begin demanding for stops and other things.

Make a Hotel Reservation before Leaving

It is essential to book a hotel before leaving your home if you want to survive on a family road trip. This will save you the hassle of last-minute rush booking, which can be inconvenient especially if you are traveling to a place that several other people are headed to. Ensure that you have a place to stay and check the recommendations to find the best option if your budget allows it.

Parting Shot

The success of a road trip is dependent on the amount of time you spend in the planning process. With proper planning, you can end up having the most exciting holiday road trip. However, you should note that even though you may have the best tips on how to survive a family road trip, some things like motion sickness are unavoidable, but you can find ways to curb or control the situation before and during the journey. Have fun and drive safely!

About the author: Riya is an inspired writer passionate about traveling and lifestyle and encouraging small businesses. As a freelancer, she understands the importance of productivity at work. Connect with Riya via twitter, @sanderriya.

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