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Why Boarding Schools are Sometimes a Good Option

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Launching our kids into the world of adulthood is not always about making sure they benefit from the best possible education we can offer them; though that is important too. It is also vital as parents that we provide a healthy and nurturing environment for them with all the necessary support systems in place. Educating kids is more than just academics, it’s about giving them the right tools to build their life skills, promoting good emotional intelligence and mental health as well as encouraging them to build resilience, resourcefulness, and social confidence.

All of that is a full time job particularly when you add distractions from technology into the mix, so what happens when both parents are working or due to unforeseen circumstances or you need to suddenly move to another country? Yet the answer could be relatively simple, sometimes boarding schools can be a good option. They provide environments in which children and adolescents are engaged, active and interested, it’s not a model that suits all families or children but it is definitely an option worth considering to afford kids’ stability and continuity throughout their academic life.

A number of international schools in Bangkok offer students the option for boarding, which affords more flexibility for families, including those who reside in the city and abroad. Living on campus, students enjoy plenty of comforts, like they do at home, and the experience fosters greater confidence and independence. Boarders also form close relationships with their peers and enjoy a range of enriching after-school, evening and weekend activities.

A boarding school provides accommodation, meals and academic support to students all year round. British boarding schools are especially popular and many of them have opened sister campuses in major Asian cities. There are also a number of international schools which provide boarding facilities to their students.

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Depending on the school, boarding is available to students in Years 5 to Year 13 and provide ample opportunities for children to advance both academically and socially. Students are immersed in a well-structured study routine that allows them to complete homework, as well as participating in extracurricular activities. They benefit from having full use of campus facilities such as, tennis courts, swimming pools, football pitches, gyms, a sports hall and library. The Boarding Houses are also a blend of diverse nationalities and this international environment adds to the warmth within each House; everyone is supported in their beliefs and encouraged to be sensitive to those around them.

Here is our list of recommended boarding schools in Bangkok and a little bit beyond.

* Schools are listed only in alphabetical order not in order of ranking.


Beyond Bangkok

Want to hear about a day in the life of a primary boarding school student, click here to read the full article,

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