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NIVA Celebrates its 30th Anniversary With Holistic Education Approach Under American Education Standards

The education at NIVA International school is holistic and the polar opposite to the traditional rote and examination-focused learning. 

Inspired by the holistic education philosophy that aims to harmoniously foster the development of young persons intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, our goal is to create future leaders with an international education based on the world’s most effective and nourishing education systems and pedagogies in a conscious, safe, healthy, progressive environment where creativity, individuality, diversity, equality, and environmental sustainability are promoted and appreciated.

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We employ the following progressive, proven pedagogies:

  • Theme-based Learning to joyfully stimulate and enable young persons to naturally observe, understand, and learn a wide range of skills through diverse themes;
  • Standard-based Learning that uses an advanced, highly detailed evaluation technique to foster and gauge our students’ academic accomplishment at the individual level; and
  • Authentic Learning that helps our students learn through real-life practices, collaboration, systematic and logical thinking, deliberation, and problem solving.  


NIVA imbues our students with the confidence, patience, and compassion to publicly and consciously express their thoughts and listen, work as a team, and be responsible to themselves, their communities, and the world at large. 


We build a strong foundation for entrepreneurship for our students through our Business Career Preparation programs that allow young persons to learn through a variety of real life activities, such as exhibiting their products at trade shows. 


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In our intentionally socially diverse community, our students learn to understand, respect, and appreciate the value and strength of diversity and realize that they can all self-actualize and succeed on the global stage whether in life or professionally no matter where they come from.

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