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“A Day in the Life of a Primary Boarder”

Before I arrived at Bromsgrove, my only knowledge of boarding schools were those with large dormitories, lacrosse sticks and secret midnight feasts as featured in the popular Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton. I was not prepared for the laughter and the nurturing environment that I would experience from the pupils and staff alike. Bromsgrove International School Thailand is not just an International School: it is a place that many of the students call home.

The fun and buzz of our boarding houses start bright and early with our wake-up call at 6.30am. Whilst dancing along to popular songs, the primary boarders prepare for their day ahead. Giving our boarders’ responsibility over arranging their belongings, allows them to grow in maturity. Following a healthy breakfast, they meet with their friends in the colourful Atrium, encouraging both boarders and day students to socialise and form long lasting relationships.

At the end of the school day, supported by their teachers, primary boarders spend an hour developing their academic ability with reading and spelling activities. This is followed by dedicated time to complete their extended learning opportunities. Those with a keen passion for sport can select optional pathways such as golf, swimming, football and basketball. With a variety of activities, boarders can further develop socially, academically and in a sporting capacity. Once students have completed their study, they partake in an hour of enrichment with their friends. Activities range from sports to arts and crafts, drama and music activities. Some of my favourites this term have included a jazz lesson from Mr Flegg, a sing along to the film Frozen and a table tennis tournament. By 5.30pm everyone is ready for dinner. Sitting alongside teachers and friends helps students improve their conversational English and enhance friendships.

Following the structured school day, students choose what they wish to do after dinner. They can play games, draw, read and watch films in the Lower Boarders’ Lounge or they can go to the Sports Hall with their friends. Winding down starts at 8pm when all primary students are expected to shower, pack for the next day and prepare for bed.

Many aspects of our boarding house provides a unique family feel. Once a week our bedtime story is read by our Primary Prefect Nancy (Year 11) who acts as an older sibling to many of our young boarders. ‘Thursday Team Time’ allows boarders from all year groups to engage in a competitive sporting/arts activity. Mixing across the year groups gives our boarding house a wholesome family vibe.

At the weekends, we also ensure our primary boarders are entertained with trips to Mega Banga, Flow House, Bounce and many more. Our weekends are jam packed with UNO tournaments, sporting activities and baking which means our boarders never have a moment to miss home whilst still providing time to rest and relax.

Boarding students at Bromsgrove International School Thailand are content, independent and well-rounded individuals who thrive at school. Through outstanding pastoral care, they are nurtured to become moral citizens who live fulfilled lives while enriching the lives of others.

Fostering the traditional ethos of Bromsgrove UK, whilst embedding Thai culture and values, Bromsgrove International School Thailand provides a unique boarding school experience. Living in the international environment of the boarding house allows our students to become immersed in an array of cultures, molding them into open-minded children of the world.

To know more about boarding life, please visit https://www.facebook.com/BISTBoarding2016to2017/

By Gemma Gwilliam





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