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The Importance of Creative Learning and Skills Development in Children

Aarti Blog Nov 2019

Creative experiences stimulate and encourage self-expression in children. In today’s environment, children need to acquire coping skills, develop strengths and be prepared for future challenges. Positive self-expression helps to build confidence and competence in children. 

Building Resilience

Cultivating a creative spirit in kids and engaging in activities that are fun and peaceful nurtures them to be resilient human beings. Children need to be resilient in order to fulfill their pursuits and be able to thrive in life.

Through creative learning children can acquire a sense of honest motivation and are thus able to achieve under stressful circumstances. 
Through the creative process children can be exposed to things that help them to explore their curiosity and enhances their learning of the world. Mind-expanding creative fun gives room for exploring and experimenting. It encourages in children the capacity to adapt their thinking to different aspects of life. 

Foster Healthy Relationships

Creative thinking involves imagination and interpretation and creates a whole new world of social interaction. Working in creative teams through expressive communication can help foster healthy relationships. Children can also develop a sense of personal character building. 

The creative learning process builds on the strengths and capabilities of children. The element of fun and joy in the process is key to achieving a sense of happiness and deep fulfillment in children. 

To learn more about building creative learning and skills development, please check out Aarti’s website here. You can also learn much more about Aarti herself in our Bangkok Face’s feature about here here.

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