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Now Accepting Applications: Curtain Up Youth Theatre

Children Love To Act

When our children are young, it is never a surprise to see them dressing up as their favorite characters, or popping out from behind the couch to deliver a few lines from their favorite YouTube channel. As they grow, for some, this extroversion continues to blossom into more extensive productions that include makeshift costumes from found clothing and rapidly constructed sets built of old sheets and cardboard boxes.

Seeing our children act out fantasies is one of the great joys of parenthood. For most children, this fascination with the stage wears off rapidly as friends, sports, school and a thousand other distractions compete for their attention.

Acting Becomes A Calling

For a few of our children, however, the stage never looses its appeal and there is a desire for acting to evolve from a childhood playtime outlet to something that has artistic merit, storylines and emotional arcs. Said another way, acting becomes a calling.

Unfortunately, for those that are called to the stage, it can be difficult to find outlets that cater to the needs of youth – places that provide opportunity with direction, nurturing while encouraging risk taking and, above all, a venue for performance!

Introducing The Curtain Up Youth Theatre Program

Curtain Up Drama and Magic has empowered children how to create, express and find their voice through theatre for almost a decade in Bangkok. With years of experience as performers and facilitators, Curtain Up recognized the need for an outlet that would allow youth to focus on theatre technique, dive deeper into understanding about plays, playwrights and practitioners, and provide an opportunity to truly present themselves as young actors and actresses.

To address this need, Curtain Up has created its Youth Theatre program. The program is aimed towards teenagers 13 – 18 who want to approach theatre in a more serious way. The Youth Theatre takes place at St. Andrews 107 directly next to Bearing BTS. The school has endorsed the program and are providing their state of the art facilities to create some fantastic theatre.

Space Is Limited! Apply Now

The Youth Theatre is open to students from all schools. However, there is limited space in order to keep the troupe small enough for high quality focus and attention and acting. Curtain Up will continue to accept applications until the troupe has become full.

Interested? Contact Alexandra at [email protected] or on 0855525806 / 0959540405

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