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How to Survive a Sick Day

We all know how hard it is when your child gets sick; your entire day is thrown off. But, gather every bit of patience. Your little one can’t help it they’re going to be on high demand settings: moany, whiny and needy — that’s fine for a day or two but after a while it wears thin. What to do?

Let go and just wipe everything on your-to-do list off for a couple of days. Make yourself a cup of coffee/tea and let the pressure of being the perfect ‘parent’ diffuse.

When I’ve been sick, towels were my mom’s best friends. She learnt that you need to put them EVERYWHERE. I have come to realize that little children don’t aim into bowls. Oh, no, they just let it all out. Babysitting my little cousins taught me this the hard way. At least if you have towels by the bed and over the cover of the beds, you are safe.

Get everyone in PJs and get comfortable. Let’s be real, you’re not going out so why are you bothering to get dressed up?

Charge that laptop and load up Netflix. A TV day is FINE if they’re ill. I know we all talk about less screen time and more active play but if they’re sick, don’t worry. You aren’t going to give them brain rot if they have a full day of Peppa Pig.

Keep yourself well. When you’re caring for your kid, it’s easy to forget to care for yourself. But, its important you stay fed, hydrated and healthy so you can continue being their nurse. A hot bubble bath every night after a sick day helps.

Keep on top of laundry if you can — keep throwing those loads in and be grateful for the washing machine that week.

Treats, treats, treats! It’s nice to give them something a bit extra when they’re having a rough time.

I’d love to hear what you do when your little one is under the weather – for them and for you. Parents of more than one child- I tip my cap to you. Single parents… you are the real MVP.

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