Mother’s Day in Thailand

11 August 2016, BKK Kids

Thai Mother’s Day or “Wan Mae” falls on the Queen’s birthday or 12 August each year; it has been celebrated annually since 1976. The day is all about celebrating the mother of the nation as well as mothers everywhere, with pageantry, an outpouring of affection, and gifts.

A few weeks leading to Mother’s Day, homes and businesses will display blue flags with the Queen’s crest. In Thailand, each day of the week is represented by a certain colour. Friday is represented by blue, which is commonly associated with the Queen as she was born on this day of the week.

Like many other important occasions in Thailand, traditional celebrations include alms giving to monks early in the morning as a way of making merit. Schools typically host a Mother’s Day ceremony with performances and children individually honouring their mother for her sacrifice and dedication. In large cities, it is also common for families to treat mum to a meal, and many restaurants and hotels will offer Mother’s Day specials. In Bangkok, evening celebrations usually include light displays along Ratchadamnoen Avenue, Sanam Luang, and the area around Grand Palace, as well as fireworks.

The traditional Thai Mother’s Day gift is jasmine, which symbolises purity and grace. The fragrant flower is often sold as blossoms, reflecting motherhood and maternal love, as well as in elaborate garlands. You’ll also find synthetic jasmine pins and bouquets. However you choose to celebrate, make it a day of joy and appreciation for mothers and grandmothers (and other important women with children) in your family.

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