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Celebrating Fathers Day In Thailand

Fathers Day

This Sunday, December 5th, 2020 is Father’s Day in Thailand. It is a public holiday for the general population, where most schools and businesses are closed and is a time where Thai people show recognition and gratitude to their fathers and father figures, for the contribution they make to the lives of their children. Traditionally small gifts or tokens of appreciation are given and this is the day that celebrates fatherhood and all male parenting throughout the nation.

The Significance Of Father’s Day

The 5th of December each year has always been a significant day, because it commemorates the birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, “The Father of the Nation.”  His Majesty is fondly remembered for his kindness and compassion and was considered an an inspirational role model father who was devoted not only to his family but to his people and is still very much revered and remains in the hearts of the people.

During His Majesty’s first royal proclamation he declared, “We shall reign this land with righteousness, for the benefit and happiness of the people of Siam.” The many virtues of the late King have been firmly upheld and have had a positive impact on the people throughout the nation.

Celebrations over the past few years since His Majesty’s passing have taken on a more commemorative tone, but nonetheless serve as an annual opportunity to remember the beloved late king.

Father’s Ride The BTS For Free

To commemorate the late King of Thailand the Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited allow all fathers to travel free when accompanied by their children to encourage family bonding time!

Ideas For Celebrating Dad

We know that everyone has their own special way to show Dad how much they appreciate all he does for them. However, if you’re running short of ideas, here are a few inspirations to help your kids spoil their father:

  • Take him tech shopping. You may find the only shop he has to stop at in a mall is the new dedicated official Apple store in Icon Siam!
  • Many 5 star hotels in BKK will offer ‘Dads dine for Free’ lunch specials. So, it’s worth checking out the options available in your area.
  • Unplug and head over to Bangkok’s green lung where bikes can be hired for the day (But, make sure to let Dad win any races!)
  • Let him relax at home. Treat him to breakfast in bed and make small coupons or vouchers for treats he can use throughout the rest of the year.

Most importantly just remember the best gift of all is time.

Happy Fathers Day!

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