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International Father’s Day in Bangkok

This year International Father’s Day is being celebrated on Sunday June 18th, 2023 and it’s a great way to celebrate those Super-Dads! Not to be confused with Thai Father’s Day which is the 5th of December and commemorates the birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

We know that everyone has their own special way to show Dad how much they appreciate all he does for them, but just in case you’re running short of ideas, here are a few inspirations to help your kids spoil their father on his own special day. Let’s be honest Dad, you really just want to spend time on the golf course….sorry, I mean, with the family! After all, time is the biggest gift of all.

Why Is Father’s Day Celebrated At Different Times Around The World?

To be honest, after extensive research we have no idea! We can only assume it was something Hallmark decided to do to increase their card sales, but seriously this subject remains an enigma!

What we do know is that in a large number of countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada and USA, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June and therefore it’s becoming now known as ‘International Father’s Day’. However, in other countries the date varies and it is celebrated at entirely different times and in entirely different ways.

Whatever time of the year or how it is celebrated, the sentiment remains the same with kids paying a tribute and expressing gratitude to the real life super hero in their lives!

Just Let Him Sleep

After asking many co-workers and Fathers what they really wanted for Fathers’s Day, the most simple and cost effective gift is, just let him sleep in and get a free pass from all kitchen duties for the day! Whether it’s an extra hour in bed or, or as has been known in my house, the whole morning in bed, this is by far the most popular gift!

Home Made Treasures

Photo courtesy of MessyLittleMonster

Looking back over the years some of my own Fathers and husbands most precious treasures have been made with loving care from bits and pieces, sequins and stickers and hand made cards. Making a gift for Dad is something all kids love to do. All kids just want to please their parents, hence the hundreds of paintings and drawings that cover each parents fridge or office whiteboard.

Get the kids busy with coloured paper, glue, sequins, pictures of Dad and let them be individually creative. From footprint cards to handmade trophies and photo frames some of the best hand made Father’s day gifts will be treasured forever.

Treat Him To Breakfast In Bed (or lunch, or dinner)

With no kitchen duties all day and enjoying his favourite treats in bed this one is sure to be a winner! Surprise him with breakfast in bed made up of special treats or arrange a special lunch or dinner and get the whole family involved. A nice idea is for younger kids to plan the menus with older kids helping create a special Menu card that Dad can keep.

Take Him Tech Shopping

Almost any Dad can get lost in a tech or gadget store for hours, so why not indulge him and give him time to browse and play with all the latest shiny objects to put on his wish list or as a treat from Mum. You may find the only shop he has to stop at in a mall is the new dedicated official Apple store in Icon Siam!

Go Golfing!

A few hours on the links can be a true escape from the din of Bangkok, the pressures of work and anything else that might be nagging at Dad. Combine this respite with the company of a few other Dad’s (or Mom if she’s also a golfer!) and you have an easy recipe for showing Dad you care. In addition, the fresh air and exercise is a great way to work off that Father’s Day breakfast!

There are a number of excellent Golfing options around BKK, but one our community has especially enjoyed is the Thana City Country Club Golf Course. Only about 25-30 minutes from Lower-Sukhumvit, the Club is currently offering some amazing prices for 9 and 18 holes.

Take him on a Bike tour

Bangkok has plenty of options to take Dad biking for the day, from off the beaten track bike tours to super speed cycling at Bangkok’s skylane, this one is sure you keep any cyclist happy and can involve the whole family. There is sure to be a cold beer in it for him at the end of the day somewhere too!


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