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Raising Babies in Bangkok

If you’ve moved to Bangkok with your family, you may have some questions about the care and activities available for your children. Whether you’re a citizen, longtime expat, or brand new to the neighbourhood, having babies and raising healthy children in Bangkok will take less effort than you may have originally thought. Here’s a look at some of the many first-rate healthcare resources and support groups available to help make the adjustment easier.

Choices in child birth 

There are several hospitals in Thailand that are particularly baby friendly and have the necessary equipment, services, and medical personnel to offer care for a mother and her newborn during pregnancy and childbirth. In fact, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health offers certifications to hospitals that meet the standards upheld by UNICEF and the World Health Organization. This makes it easy for families to identify hospitals best suited for their needs and are properly equipped to specifically care for newborns.

If you are pregnant and prefer to have care that goes beyond the physical necessities of a labor room, you may opt for a doula or a birth attendant. Doulas of Bangkok is a free informational gathering that meets once a month and educates mothers-to-be on the option of hiring a doula for companionship and emotional but nonjudgmental support during and after childbirth.

Pediatric care

There are also services specifically available for young children and selected hospitals in Bangkok that offer pediatric services. General pediatric care is provided such as routine check-ups and vaccinations, but you’ll find offices that cater to children’s eye and dental care as well.

Bangkok’s hospitals also have pediatric specialists that provide more specific or emergency care for young patients if needed. For example, the Children’s Center at Bumrungrad International Hospital provides services and treatment for over fifteen pediatric areas including:


Cardiologist (Heart)

Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Childhood Development and Behavior Specialist

Critical Care Specialist





Infectious Diseases

Nephrologist (Kidneys)



Oncologist and Hematologist

Pulmonologist (Lungs)



Support groups

Raising children in Bangkok does not have to be a solitary or difficult task. Whether you’re a first time parent or have several children, there are many support groups available to help parents raise happy healthy children. Advice ranges from birthing options and breast feeding techniques to child rearing and general safety. Conveniently, many of these meet-ups double as scheduled play dates.

Bangkok Breastfeeding Cafe

Mothers and expecting mothers are encouraged to join in on a weekly meeting to discuss questions about breastfeeding and offer support from one another. A person experienced in breastfeeding will be there to answer questions and offer any assistance in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere.

Bringing Up Baby event series

Quarterly Bumrungrad International organizes events for mothers and fathers, as well as expecting parents to learn from their doctors and invited specialists and to have a friendly chat sharing their parenting experiences. Dates are announced via the hospital’s news page or the e-newsletter.

Bangkok Mothers and Babies International (BAMBI)

This is an organization that provides emotional support and information on parenthood for pregnant women and parents of young children in the areas of Bangkok and Pattaya. Enjoy the companionship of other parents while participating in an organizing play time for your toddlers.

Bangkok Babywearing Club

Try out different slings and carriers as a way to carry your new baby. Join other parents over coffee once a month to share tips and learn more about this hands-free option.

Being pregnant or raising small children away from home can be difficult without friends, family, and familiar services. However, Bangkok’s hospitals and support groups offer an excellent foundation for families who have just moved to town.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored content from Bumrungrad International Hospital, and it is reprinted here with permission of the hospital.

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