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Planet ZOZO Fun Phonics Books For Kids

Planet ZOZO kids reading books

Some children just read, that’s a fact but for other kids learning to read can be more difficult than others. Many studies have been done on the use of phonics and the important part it plays in a child’s ability to read. Students have difficulty in perceiving and manipulating language sounds and become challenged when those language sounds become associated with written letters as in phonics. Phonics or word recognition refers to the ability of readers to produce the oral representation of a written word using, primarily, the sound symbol representation of letters and letter combinations. Otherwise known to all parents as Pesky Phonics that we all recite over the dinner table or go to bed dreaming of Percy the Pig or Annie Apple!

Planet ZOZO books are unique in many ways. They have unique features which start off with the alphabet and words, moving onto how to put words in context in short, simple sentences. The book also covers vowels and combined letters with H, G, K, and W in special sections. There are also sections on syllables, spelling quizzes and Fun With Phonics. The illustrations help readers digest many words.

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Fun With Words Series 1&2

The Fun With Words series 1&2 is the first ever of its kind. It visualizes words, supported by context, grouped only by the same word ending such as the word ending u-l-e. 

Each word ending is then paired with single starting letters which also include the double letters (Consonant Digraphs) Ch, Gh, Gn, Kn, Ph, Rh, Sh, Th, Wh, and Wr since these letters phonically, have a single sound even though there are two letters. 

In case of u-l-e, we can make two words: Rule and Mule. With some word endings, all words sound the same and, with others, one or more words sound different from others. In the example above, Rule and Mule are not pronounced the same although they still rhyme. 

The Fun With Words 1&2 series is based on this concept throughout the books.  

Planet ZOZO fun with phonics books

The Fun With Words series does not necessarily replace any school’s syllabus but can be an addition to it in order to bring more fun to the learning experience. The series can also set the syllabus if the school wishes it but must be supplemented with additional phonics that the books do not cover. There are also text boxes for each word ending where children can write down the words they create but must use a 2B pencil because other pencils do not stick. The collection of word endings in this book series can also come in very handy for tests and quizzes. 

About Planet ZOZO

Planet ZOZO is a trademark, and the company is based in Bangkok, Thailand.
It was founded by a team from Sweden, Switzerland, and the US. It was formed in 2020.

Planet ZOZO is a small publisher & creates educational material such as books for young learners of English. Planet ZOZO also introduces a new, educational card game that aims at ages from pre-school in native English speaking countries up to university students and adults in other countries depending on their language proficiency.

The card game is a visual and interactive way to understand the English sentence structure in the presence of our mascot, Gormilon, who with his poses makes the game more interesting.

Planet ZOZO fun with phonics

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