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Win a ‘Fun With Phonics’ One-of-a-kind Book from Planet ZOZO.

Planet ZOZO fun with phonics books

Planet ZOZO develop and publish books for young learners of English to encourage reading in a fun and interactive way. By using iIllustrated phonics and Alphabet Fictional stories they encourage kids to practice and support their school’s reading syllabus.

Here’s your chance to win ‘Fun With Words 1’ – Illustrated Phonics 50 pages.

The only one of its kind in the market @https://planetzozo.com/about-the-books

Planet ZOZO fun with phonics

IMPORTANT: There are 2 steps to enter this giveaway:

1. Click here to Like their Face book page Planet ZOZO

2. Enter your email address in the space below!

Competition closes 7th May 2022 midnight.

The lucky winners will be randomly chosen and notified on 8th May via email.

Your Giveaway will be sent directly to you. Good Luck!

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Win a Giveaway with PLANET ZOZO Books



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