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Maze For Fun the Latest Kids Activity Park

Maze for Fun

There are so many great places in and around Bangkok where you can take the kids to have fun and Maze For Fun is the latest to add to that list.

They had a very successful soft opening in December last year and are now to entertain kids in the many different play areas. Based in Nakhon Nayok, which is approx 1.5 hours outside of central Bangkok, it’s worth the trip to enjoy a full day of family fun.

Although Bangkok’s weather doesn’t always lend itself to outdoor play, Maze For Fun has many areas which are accommodating of the heat with shade, water play, and pockets of air con for some relief. Kids can enjoy a host of activities from obstacle playgrounds, water play, slip and slide, arts and crafts and many more.

There are many different clean, wide open spaces, a large mud pond that the kids can slide into, (remember to take extra cloths!) and there are many staff members available to help kids or parents to get pulled out of the mud. Kids can take their bikes and scooters to enjoy the freedom of exploring nature and being outside of the big city.

They even have their own mini petting farm where kids can get up close and personal with the animals, feeding and interacting with them. Its a great way to teach the importance & responsibility of caring for animals. There is a restaurant on site which offers a cool place to hang-out and they offer mini craft workshops and various art activities on a seasonal basis.

For more information on Maze for Fun and their pop-up workshops you can contact them here.

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